Web.com [NASDAQ:WEB]: Building a Landmark Web Presence

David Brown, Chairman, CEO & President
Websites have evolved into potential lead generators for successful business engagements from being mere URLs, thanks to the onset of search engine optimization (SEO). While enterprises have dedicated teams to continuously enrich their websites, smaller businesses generally lack the wherewithal to do so. A forerunner in taking up the cause of building a landmark web presence for businesses of all sizes is Web.com [NASDAQ:WEB]. Under the stewardship of David Brown, the company’s chairman, CEO and president, Web.com has mastered the art and science of providing an entire package of website-related solutions ranging from web design, development, web hosting and SEO services.

Brown asserts that Web.com works with a singular focus of linking an organization’s business goals with the needs of people visiting the website. Web. com’s copywriters and designers present every unique aspect of its clients’ business using SEO-friendly keywords to design a mobile-friendly and fully responsive web page that clients can modify as per their requirements. To host websites, Web.com offers free domain names with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, along with SSL certificates assuring customer data protection. Furthermore, given the popularity of content management systems (CMS) with web developers, Web.com offers design and development services for Wordpress in addition to advanced site analytics, business email, and several other services.

For organizations keen on developing websites themselves, Web.com provides a website builder tool that allows users to build websites by dragging and dropping the features and visuals of their choice. Expert advice and tips for building the best websites, web domain, and business email addresses are also offered as a part of the ‘Do-it-Yourself’ package. Brown mentions that the facility is extended to organizations that seek to develop their own web storefronts or e-commerce websites, which allow users to launch attractive and customized promotions for lead generation. Web.com’s partnership with Mastercard allows it to easily build gateways that simplify the acceptance of debit and credit card payments from buyers. The dashboards and back office tools integrated with the e-commerce site enable real-time visibility into financial transactions as well as other operations. Web.com also offers a ready-to-use e-commerce application that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each business.

Ensuring a Robust Presence on the Social Media

In order to drive business outcomes on the web, Web.com provides social media marketing, advanced SEO, and pay-per-click management services to clients. Web.com optimizes the content for search engines to ensure recognition of each client’s business by leveraging the latest on-page and off-page techniques to improve search engine ranking; the process involves tagging websites and providing the right metadata descriptions. Integrating websites with Google Analytics, Web.com allows clients to view the SEO profiles and initiate the right strategies and corrective measures for effective outreach to customers.

The strategy to improve SEO rankings involves preparing a local map listing by identifying potential customers within the client’s vicinity and analyzing their web search patterns. Following this, strategies to improve clients’ search engine rankings are executed, and the searchers are informed about organizations that provide the services they are looking for, to attract leads. Businesses are informed of the potential leads, following which they can roll out special offers through automated email campaigns. The experts at Web.com monitor the performance and continually optimize websites to ensure a high search engine index.

As consumer feedback on a company’s products and services is vital in business, Web.com allows organizations track their customers’ reviews across platforms such as social media, blogs, networking sites, and others.

Web.com is in the midst of a significant strategic repositioning, designed to clearly differentiate us in the market and make us the leader in a faster growing, value-added product segment

Web.com’s reputation management software generates alerts for businesses regularly about the opinion consumers have about their company as well as their competitors, on a single view, to help the management strategize better by addressing the drawbacks.

Catering to Niche Sectors

Following the success in e-commerce websites, Web.com has built domain-specific applications for field services and real-estate to meet their requirements. For example, Lighthouse 360 field service software saves time and effort on all activities, starting from scheduling the process to collecting payments, thereby reducing the operational costs, besides significantly accelerating each process. Likewise, Lighthouse integrates with medical practice management software to provide value-added services such as automating patient reminders and reducing the no-shows of patients to boost efficiency at healthcare centers and enhance their online reputation.

TORCHx, the user-friendly client management solution, helps real estate professionals generate high-quality leads and strengthen their relationships with clients. TORCHx helped Hedgecock Group, an independent real estate firm operating from Fairbanks in Alaska, which found it challenging to cater to clients seeking to purchase or rent properties. Their earlier platform lacked the features to create customized searches based on niche patterns, which cost them several clients. Having decided to change their approach, Hedgecock conducted a market survey and chose Web.com’s TORCHx to bridge the gap. TORCHx allowed Hedgecock to create customized searches based on clients’ search patterns and automatically notify clients through text messages and email, once properties meeting their criteria appeared in the markets. Furthermore, for prospects to whom Hedgecock Group’s executives could not respond on time, TORCHx automatically configured searches based on prospects’ requirements and communicated the information sought by them.

Continued Trail of Success

Numerous instances of customer satisfaction have made Web. com, the go-to place for organizations looking for services in web design, development, SEO, and digital marketing. In February 2018, Troon, a golf management company, chose Web. com as the preferred digital marketing partner for over 270 golf courses and 80 private clubs. “With our award-winning customer service and best-in-class marketing technologies, nobody is better suited than Web.com to help Troon’s golf-course operators reach golfers of all ages when they search for golf-destination information from their smartphone or computer,” says Brown.

Dedicated services have also boosted the share prices of Web.com by 6.59 percent in February 2018. Brown further adds that “Web.com is in the midst of a significant strategic repositioning, designed to clearly differentiate us in the market and make us the leader in a faster growing, value-added product segment.” Clearly, with no signs of slowing down, Web.com is bound to unveil a newer dynamic that would redefine web design and development.


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David Brown, Chairman, CEO & President

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