WebAction: Feel the Pulse of Enterprise with Real-time Big Data Apps

Ali Kutay, Chairman, President, and CEO
"There is a significant need for the enterprise to know what is happening now, why is it happening and what can be done to resolve it. As more data is collected from enterprise, the web and from multiple systems, you need to do more processing, more automation, which in turn creates latency, denying enterprises the real-time peek into its various processes,” says Ali Kutay, Chairman, President, and CEO, WebAction, a company that powers enterprises with real time Big Data.

WebAction’s Real-Time Big Data App Platform is an end-to-end solution specifically designed for rapid deployment of Apps using your structured and semi structured data sources. Real-time Apps are built in days, not months or years. The platform allows data-in-motion to be filtered, processed, enriched, and correlated with other streams and context data. The Real-time Big Data App Platform can acquire data from diverse sources such as sensors, devices, IT logs, social feeds and databases. The high performance data acquisition happens with minimum impact on the existing infrastructure. The platform filters, correlates and enriches the incoming data and scales out on commodity hardware. Its data-in-motion processor combines this real-time Big Data with historic and context information to identify events of interest across your infrastructure. These valuable events are then delivered back to the enterprises through standard interfaces in real-time. Users can receive feeds and alerts on their browsers or mobile devices and others, which helps them act on diverse data in massive volumes and maximize the value of their Big Data.

WebAction delivers real-time information into the existing databases, data warehouses, and Big Data stores within seconds.

WebAction allows you to run your enterprise live!

It helps enterprises create intelligent Apps that communicate with each other, where one App creates some data that is used by the second App for another purpose and then carried on to the third App in real time. “For example, in credit card fraud, the user may get a call from the bank several days after the scam was committed, which is too late. It happens due to the latency issues since there are millions of transactions taking place at any given time involving thousands of systems, making it hard to point out the scam instantly,” says Kutay. WebAction’s Real-time Big Data App Platform helps solve this by helping build the solutions, which can coordinate with each other in real-time.

The company also helps its Cloud Application clients to stand by the SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) promised to their customers. Cloud Applications involve a shared infrastructure where one customer’s experience can be heavily impacted by the activities of another unrelated customer, potentially violating the Cloud Application SLA for the first customer. While an SLA is easy to define, keeping track of the complex infrastructure that impacts performance is not. Typically there are many components, each with their own logs and tracking tools. The Web Action solution brings all logs and data sources together into a single easy to use platform, for a real-time single version of the truth. Events can be seen, correlated and alerted across the infrastructure in real-time.

Now the Cloud Application provider is in a position of knowing when interesting events happen and can proactively communicate with customers, instead of waiting for the angry customers to call. “Our end-to-end services from source agnostic to target agnostic is the major differentiating factor,” says Kutay.

Web Action already has real time apps to cover markets including finance, telecommunications, cloud applications, utilities, software, travel, data center automation, quality of service management, and more. Going forward, the company is aiming to be a major player that will provide hundreds of apps—both by itself and through its partners—and extend to more markets to solve their Big Data problems.


Palo Alto,CA

Ali Kutay, Chairman, President, and CEO

WebAction offers the Real-Time Big Data App Platform, an endto-end solution specifically designed for rapid deployment of Apps using your structured and semi-structured data sources.