WEBCBG: Modernizing Risk Management in Insurance with Maptycs

“Tech your ideas.” The three words encompass the entire essence of WEBCBG in a concise, yet distinct manner. Combining the latest technologies with their knowledge in risk management and insurance, WEBCBG provides powerful yet user-friendly IT solutions. “We ‘tech’ our clients’ business ideas; we are flexible enough to implement them through custom applications,” remarks Ernest Legrand, CEO, WEBCBG. With their leading edge services, the company stands as a game changer in the B2B market, offering cost-effective solutions, which were previously affordable by only large organizations. To leverage the wealth of data available in insurance, WEBCBG has devised advanced solutions that help clients address the challenges of risk exposure data analysis and inter nat ional insurance programs management.

Maptycs generates comprehensive and highly customized reports of risks portfolio analysis in just few clicks

Their most recent product, Maptycs— a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform, modernizes the risk management process in the insurance industry. Through the platform, a risk manager is able to visualize and interact with his portfolio of assets at a worldwide level. Natural disaster datasets from external official sources and the data analytics capabilities of Maptycs allow for real time CAT analysis and exposure assessment for current or what-if scenarios; “Through our platform a client can map their entire portfolio of assets including statements of values and COPE (Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure) data against different risk zones and different grids of useful units such as fire departments, emergency units etc.

This gives a more precise analysis of the risk exposure of an asset,” informs Legrand. Also Maptycs, being a cloud platform, is secure and accessible via tablet or smartphone while traveling. A client does
CIO VendorErnest Legrand, CEO
not require a powerful computer to map and analyze their massive amounts of data in Maptycs, the mobile version encompasses a fluid user interface and high-performing response time. “The combination of our advanced algorithms and distributed system architecture allow for fast calculations made at the server level. Servers can always be added to accelerate the processing time of an ever increasing amount of data,” states Legrand.

With Maptycs the risk manager of a large company was able to run a series of customized reports in just few clicks and see where exactly his assets ranked within the risk zones. Since the visual analytics in the map indicated that several assets were far away from the center of a high risk zone, the risk manager was able to negotiate a lower, and more appropriate, insurance premium. WEBCBG leverages various technologies including the latest components of the open source environment to develop their applications. Using technologies such as a NoSQL database and Hadoop enable the scalability required to meet the growing need for Big Data analysis. Solutions provided by WEBCBG come with a definitive advantage over current software industry standards.

Innovation is high on the charts for WEBCBG in the coming years. Leveraging their powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities for risk management and insurance will continue to be WEBCBG’s prime focus for the foreseeable future. “Once the risk management function is well taken care of, we will channel our platform towards other company’s departments such as marketing and human resources that also require lots of data analytics,” ends Legrand.


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Ernest Legrand, CEO

Provide advanced and flexible IT solutions by combining latest technologies with experience in risk management and insurance