WebCEO: Powerhouse of White Hat SEO Tools

Allen MacCannell, VP Sales & Partnerships
The online juggernaut, Google, has regulated data traffic and turned the market into a near monopoly. Google and other relevant search engines then released traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Despite this, nearly 50 percent of businesses still do not have a clear digital strategy for increasing their traffic. They also face the problem of whether or not to use unethical black hat SEO techniques. Thus, companies now tend to outsource their online marketing to the experts: digital marketing agencies. In turn, these agencies often approach a 16-year-old company, WebCEO, for its search engine optimization (SEO) tools

From Humble Beginnings

In the year 2000, a small team of developers started the firm, WebCEO. The company only provided desktop software for submitting sites to Internet directories, for checking a website for broken links, and it included an FTP editor for basic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Soon the software was able to check Google for the rankings of given keywords, but the software users risked a “Google ban” if they tried this too often from one IP address. WebCEO also delivered HitLens, a website visitor-tracking tool, even before Google Analytics. In 2010, the company shifted their attention to online SEO software (SAAS) development. WebCEO now hosts a major online SEO tools platform, a 15-tool package for digital marketing.

The company runs on the principle that multiple users should always be able to login to the same account at any one time to collaborate.

Unlimited Possibilities

Today WebCEO offers a multitude of SEO tools like local Rank Checking with Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Internal Links Optimization, SEO Analysis, Backlink Quality Checks, Content Submission, Web Analytics, etc.
WebCEO Tools are fast, timesaving and stable white label SEO tools. White label means users have the ability to “host” these tools on their own domains and can port the SEO data into their own applications via an Application Programming Interface (API). WebCEO provides three basic product packages to their clients. The Startup package is perfect for innovative startups and scale-ups with 200 unique keywords, a three SERP scan depth and five search engines. Second is the corporate package with 500 unique keywords, a 3 SERP scan depth, 125,000 pages audited, and an SEO audit button for the user’s website (if the user offers SEO services to others). The third is the Agency Fixed package allowing 2000 unique keywords, a 5 SERP scan depth and 1,250,000 pages audited.Digital agencies tend to prefer the Agency Unlimited package known for its Pay as You Grow aspect. With Agency Unlimited, every active project is only $2 per month and one pays $4 for every 1000 rank queries made. WebCEO also offers a trial version, presenting clients with plenty of time to test the services.

What the Future Holds

In 2013, the White Label Domain feature allowed WebCEO customers to use and resell the SEO tools on their own domain with their own branding. In 2018, the platform is showing Google Snippets results and helping everyone figure out who their real competitors are and what backlinks those competitors have. Because of the recent introduction of a language Wiki, the tool interface and the SEO reports are available in more than 40 languages.

YouTube rankings can now be checked using your channel as your “site”. You can always ask WebCEO to include your Facebook and other social media URLs as part of your website, so their rank positions will be counted as SEO successes. The company is now setting its sights on voice search rank tracking.


Worcestershire, England

Allen MacCannell, VP Sales & Partnerships

WebCEO is a major supplier of online SEO tools to digital agencies and corporations as well as a white label associate of hosting companies and content management systems (CMS)