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Karen Ravindranath, Director
Across the globe, as IoT takes over almost all aspects of operations, OEMs are on the move to make their devices IoT enabled to keep up with the changing technology. With organizations adopting IoT into their functions using these OEM’s smart devices, there arose a requirement for a platform that could act as an IoT application layer for the devices that were used and the hardware that was at the forefront. To address this necessity, WebNMS, the IoT division of Zoho Corporation channeled its research and brought in its IoT platform to help businesses unleash the potential of IoT.

“The WebNMS IoT platform provides a complete end-to-end framework where it takes care of everything from edge computing to data acquisition from different kinds of equipment,” states Karen Ravindranath, Director of WebNMS. “In case of application enablement platforms, it provides the framework or core set of features over which the person or vendor builds an IoT application and adds their own layer of business intelligence to customize the application,” she adds. Once the data is acquired in the WebNMS, it is transformed, analyzed, made into a report, dashboarded, and visualized to the frontend application with the web layer provided as well. Everything is modularized and put together as a single piece in the platform for easy access to the user.

Once a customer deploys the WebNMS platform, it on-boards the IoT devices and data of the customer onto the platform, allowing them to customize their business logic to decide what is to be done with the acquired data. The platform extracts the basic data from the equipment and provides high flexibility in terms of customizing the business layer to create an entirely rebranded solution that is domain or use case specific.

One of the WebNMS’ OEM client whose customer base majorly revolves around textile industry manufactures and supplies equipment to their customers. They required an IoT platform to develop a textile industry specific solution that utilizes their domain expertise and benefits their customer base.

WebNMS provides a complete end-to-end framework where it takes care of everything from edge computing to data acquisition from different kinds of equipment

The client had come across a challenge of gathering data from the equipment that is been deployed at their customer base, and deriving meaningful insights out of the data. WebNMS helped the OEM client to bring in the data from various equipment or assets by integrating its IoT platform and customizing it to target a specific domain, which was the textile industry in their case. This data was then processed in to meaningful insights as domain-specific reports for better decision-making. Not only did the platform provide them flexibility in terms of customization, but it also reduced the time to create and release a product into the market as well as replicate and install it in multiple customer sites. This brought in the enormous change that the OEM was looking for, thereby increasing the pace of its functions.

WebNMS as a global corporation aims to be constantly on the edge of technology and focuses on research and development to understand the changing trends in the market and bring value to its products with its primary market focused on North America. With extensive research in AI, WebNMS has created its own AI assistant that works with its various products in the IoT space.

As more organization across industries onboard the IoT bandwagon to take advantage of the growing data, WebNMS aims to bring in more innovation into the IoT landscape and expand into the Mexican and Brazilian market. It also intends to add value to the WebNMS platform by making it more secure by including end-to-end data encryption and complying with the latest standards.


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Karen Ravindranath, Director

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