Websense: Detecting Security Threats through Enhanced Technology Devices

John R. McCormack, CEO
In the IT sector, the availability of viable information plays a vital role in the expansion of business operations. However, due to the increase in the frequency and growing capabilities of the cyberattacks, the security of valuable information of organizations is facing strenuous challenges. The security tools that can promise reliable defense often lack the potential. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Websense is enabling enterprises to safeguard their assets with its solutions that meet compliance standards and enhance the overall productivity. The company provides counsels and actionable intelligence in dealing with existing and emerging cyber threats, taking into account the need for organizations to grow and innovate, while protecting their intellectual property and confidential information. “Our security solutions can be deployed in a wide variety of configurations to suit the complex demands of global deployment and management,” says John R. McCormack, CEO, Websense.

The company delivers security solutions that adapt to the rapidly changing technology and threat landscapes–APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), malware, spear-phishing, and insider threats. To shield against these advanced threat and data theft, the company has developed TRITON APX. The product offers certain holistic solution through its four core components—TRITON AP-WEB, TRITON AP-EMAIL, TRITON AP-DATA, and TRITON AP-ENDPOINT—to meet the complex Data Theft Prevention (DTP) challenges. These products monitor, educate, and enforce email policies to provide web security and protect sensitive data. Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) delivers real-time security ratings to all products, built on the WEBSENSE TRITON architecture. Simultaneously, the Websense ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud seeks out threats contained within web, social media, and email content. With this product, companies can protect critical data from theft, whether it’s on-premise, in the cloud, or on mobile devices. WEBSENSE’s recent product Web Filter and Security blocks web threats to reduce malware infections, decrease help desk incidents, and free up valuable IT resources. “WEBSENSE products solve a number of information security problems,” implies McCormack.
The security products have enabled Websense to extend their services to government agencies, banking, and finance sector, and global shipping companies to protect highly confidential information. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and is providing essential human services. To perform their mission, HHS needs systems and data that are reliably clean of malware. Doctors and researchers from various agencies within HHS handle very sensitive health information. The department needed a security solution that prevents outbound data loss and theft. Since implementing the anti-malware portions of the Websense’s Web Security Gateway Anywhere solution, portions of HHS have experienced a 60 percent reduction in the number of computers that need re-imaging due to malware infections. Websense has also provided HHS with granular controls over social media, allowing employees safe access, while blocking unsafe content and cyber threats.

To counterbalance the evolving cyber threats, the company has escalated the level of security. It has effectively maintained the Websense Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI) services, which enable the IT staff to join forces with WEBSENSE Security Labs researchers to assume a more proactive security position.

We are providing the best security solutions for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership

“We are providing the best security solutions for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership,” adds McCormack. Websense solutions have closed the gaps left by traditional, outdated defenses such as anti-virus, firewalls, and UTMs (Unified Threat Management). “In this age of disruptive change, we secure critical data and help the organizations to grow and innovate with confidence,” says McCormack.


Austin, TX

John R. McCormack, CEO

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