Webtrends: Transforming Digital Experience through Flexible Business Collaboration

Joe Davis, CEO
Headquartered in Portland, OR, Webtrends offers digital measurement solutions that help businesses understand and analyze data, engage customers and increase conversions. “Predominantly, we offer tools for businesses such as retailers or banks to measure how their customers are interacting with digital channels,” explains Joe Davis, CEO, Webtrends. With over 25 years of experience, Davis is spearheading the company’s growth and innovation in the digital marketing and web analytics space.

Specific to Microsoft SharePoint, Webtrends offers a dedicated analytics solution for all current versions of SharePoint. Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint is a Microsoft preferred analytics solution and Webtrends clients use the tool to measure, quantify and drive user adoption and engagement strategies throughout the life of a SharePoint deployment. “The technology can track information such as how many users visit a SharePoint site and what they are doing while there. It’s about analyzing where and how the employees are spending their time,” adds Davis.

Built to support the unique needs of SharePoint environments, Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint helps IT managers and business users to develop a measurement strategy to improve user engagement. “Native Microsoft analytics are insufficient when you need to demonstrate ROI, so we worked closely with Microsoft to create a smarter solution,” says Davis. Today, Microsoft uses Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint and recommends it to their customers for analytics, segmentation, testing and personalization. Its intelligence allows companies to manage their most valuable assets and develop targeted strategies that will drive organizational productivity.

In a recent case study, the IT team of a medical solutions provider with 25,000 employees realized that although SharePoint had huge potential as a platform, there were inconsistent adoption and engagement issues. Through a targeted measurement strategy, they defined which areas of their site should be adapted to create a more user-centric design.

The intelligence we deliver for SharePoint allows companies to verify that their most valuable assets and people have access to critical knowledge and expertise

Their analysis showed that the primary needs of business users centered on a more personalized system that could cater to their specific industrial, organizational and departmental needs. BrightStarr, a SharePoint consulting company and Webtrends partner, successfully met the client’s needs by using Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint to understand where the adoption issues were and to make informed decisions on specific changes needed. Through knowledge gained from Webtrends Analytics and changes made thereafter, the team guided the project to a 35 percent gain in user adoption and 40 percent growth in the use of personalized quick links within the first week of implementation. When the data showed a more than 75 percent increase of viewership for all news, articles and videos, the company made those links available to all employees.

Webtrends not only provides historic analytic data, but also allows users to stream live data of what’s happening now on their websites. “This streaming technology will enable our SharePoint customers to do live data discovery on their reports,” concludes Davis. Moving ahead, Davis says the company’s SharePoint business will remain a priority and continue to be updated to drive more collaboration and self-service within SharePoint organizations, as it stays closely aligned with Microsoft. “As new versions of SharePoint are released, we will continue to evaluate new features and align ourselves accordingly to deliver the latest and most advanced analytics technology to our clients,” says Davis.


Portland, OR

Joe Davis, CEO

Offers a portfolio of data-driven solutions helping brands understand user behaviors so they can act on those insights in the moment. Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint is a digital measurement solution for SharePoint environments