Webyog: MySQL Pioneers

Rohit Nadhani, Co-founder & CEO
The Co-founder and CEO of Webyog, Rohit Nadhani, reminisce about the interesting point that led to the foundation of the company. It was the early days of internet when Nadhani set out to develop SQLyog MySQL GUI, as there was not a single quality MySQL GUI tool in the market for MySQL users and founded Webyog. Within a few product iterations, he then realized that most MySQL users love and support open source and it became a natural evolution for him to open the source for the free edition by moving every byte in a few months. With this, Webyog became a cardinal contributor to the MySQL ecosystem. “This experience was enough for me to focus on building best of breed database management tools for the MySQL community as a whole,” remarks Nadhani.

The firm’s SQLyog is the most popular MySQL GUI application with the Database Administrators (DBAs) and comes with numerous advanced features such as data synchronization, query profiler, GUI transaction support and more. The Data synchronization feature helps to copy data from development to production databases effectively, and the other added feature, query profiler helps users to write and run better MySQL queries interactively during development and helps save time.

In addition, the company offers MySQL monitoring tool—Monyog which makes MySQL DBAs life easy by identifying and resolving hidden database issues in umpteen ways. Monyog MySQL monitor—an agentless monitoring tool is platform independent and provides key customizations as per the requirement of an enterprise. Some of the most sought after features include the powerful query analyzer, customizable dashboards and charts, real-time monitoring, industry-leading replication topology view, the most simple overview of all the servers registered. In addition to the powerful feature set, Monyog is known for its intuitiveness and cost effectiveness. Monyog is compatible with MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, Google Cloud platform and Percona.

As MySQL has branched off into a series of specialized forks, the two most prominent are MariaDB and Percona.

We are committed to serve the MySQL community with the most cost-effective solutions for managing and monitoring MySQL databases

As many companies were constantly looking for the most capable fork of MySQL per their needs, it was inevitable to support monitoring of great forks of MySQL. The architecture of Monyog made it completely compatible with standard and hosted MySQL. This strength of the company led to the business partnership with MariaDB and Percona to provide value to their monitoring solutions. “Many enterprise customers of MariaDB and Percona use Monyog to stay ahead of the challenges evolving in current database landscape,” says Nadhani.

Today, Webyog provides MySQL database management and monitoring tool to over 2.5 million users from across more than 150 countries. To highlight a use case, NBT Inc., a mobile advertising platform provider, has been using Monyog for a number of database monitoring needs—user’s query history, checking the real-time query history, and observing changes in resource usage of the MySQL server accordingly. They have numerous servers located in three different geographies. The simplicity and focused optimization of Monyog played a crucial role in overcoming the complexity of monitoring hundreds of metrics that bear an impact on their MySQL database performance.

“We are committed to serve the MySQL community with the most cost-effective solutions for managing and monitoring MySQL databases,” says Nadhani. Powered by its MySQL expertise, Webyog is planning to go upmarket and compete directly with enterprise class solution providers. “In our pursuit of penetrating the market deeply, we will continue to contribute to the open-source community,” concludes Nadhani.


Santa Clara, CA

Rohit Nadhani, Co-founder & CEO

The company’s database management tools help enterprises, small businesses and developers smartly manage, monitor and optimize their databases