Welocalize: Real-Time Translation and Localization of Content

Jamie Glass, VP, Global Marketing
Present day oil and gas companies are introducing m-Learning in their global training initiatives to keep their entire value chain up to date on critical business topics. CIOs are often involved, as relying on IT platforms yield productivity and helps meet the global learning objectives of an organization. At the forefront of tackling these challenges, Welocalize supports the ever-evolving strategies of CIOs by aligning the right localization and translation talent, processes, and technologies to the current needs. “Welocalize invests the time to fully understand each functional stakeholder’s unique translation requirements and then aligns the best resources, processes, and technology solutions to deliver real-time, quality translations, and content localization,” says Jamie Glass, VP of Global Marketing, Welocalize.

Welocalize helps organizations increase operational efficiencies and works with global clients to deploy their leading technology platform like GlobalSight—an open-source translation management platform. The platform leverages technology and talent to offer a sustainable solution for managing, translating, and delivering content. The Translation Management System (TMS) helps automate the review, storage, and management of business content. Through an open and modular design, organizations can depend on the ability of Welocalize’s on-demand TMS system. InSight, the company’s client portal, helps customers request quotes and project specifications, monitor and track spending as well as manage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). “InSight helps increase speed to market for the translated content,” affirms Glass. Welocalize also provides language services to brand leaders in the oil and gas space.

The company’s capabilities are diverse; they range from software and mobile app localization to device testing. They localize all content types from patents to technical documents and user guides. “It is the value of being a trusted partner with our client to meet their critical deadlines that has provided us the position to be one of the largest language service providers,” says Glass.
ERP software is also critical to manage and maintain business documentation and materials for regulatory requirements. Welocalize helps determine the best and most cost efficient translation method that can directly interact with an ERP system. It’s not unusual to translate content from a variety of common ERP categories such as HR, digital oilfield operations, commercial sales and marketing, risk and governance as well as field logistics. “Interoperability and connectivity from any language tool or technology back to an ERP is also expertise that Welocalize brings to a conversation about globalization requirements for ERP content and platforms,” says Glass.

It is the value of being a trusted partner with our client to meet their critical deadlines that has provided us the position to be one of the largest language service providers

For instance, a global oil and gas services organization had significant translation requirements for internal and external business needs. Although they had centralized purchasing in Houston, their business stakeholders were spread across many segments and locations. As the translation buyers were distributed, they were not able to leverage their overall spend and effort. Welocalize introduced a centralized TMS that can be leveraged by multiple stakeholders with independent budgets. “A primary advantage to a TMS is the ability to ‘reuse’ translated content,” says Glass. Through this implementation, the client achieved as much as 30 percent and greater savings on translations.
With the oil and gas domain constantly evolving and expanding, Welocalize is on a mission to keep pace and provide superior translation and multilingual services across the globe. “We will continue to expand Welocalize through research and development, organic growth, and acquisitions,” says Glass. In the near future, the company aims to offer a range of services including interpretation, staffing solutions, legal solutions, marketing solutions, and onshore and offshore production.


Frederick, MD

Jamie Glass, VP, Global Marketing

Provides real-time, quality translations and localization of content.