WennSoft Inc.: Deploying Highly Comprehensive Approach towards the Energy Industry

Jim Wenninger, CEO
Opportunities continue to unfold in the current energy sector, as the industry appears to be struggling towards overall efficiency. Enterprises plying in the arena are on the lookout for superior ways of communication. Taking a specific example, the oil field service technicians often deal with limited or no connectivity. Generating invoices within a short time is another immediate concern. However, the scenario was in for a change with WennSoft, a New Berlin, WI headquartered firm. WennSoft mobile solutions successfully addressed the aforementioned painpoints with great results.

WennSoft extends solutions targeting two primary areas within the energy sector, including businesses that sell, rent, install, and service generators as well as businesses that provide oil field services. The comprehensive operational solutions by the firm have been instrumental in optimizing operations and increasing profit margins. These solutions are based on the possibility of single-time entry of information for use throughout the system, for enhancing efficiency. Many times, several software are brought into the process of problem-solving, wherein transferring information among those software turns mandatory. In a normal scenario, it involves huge investments, manpower and time. However, the fully integrated WennSoft solutions are equipped with the capability to combine the widespread information into a single solution. Consequently, organizations are provided with opportunities for faster and efficient growth.

Under the leadership of Jim Wenninger, CEO, WennSoft enables clients to carry out project-based costing, work order management, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and maintenance contracts. The other benefits include the ability to provide mobile solutions for people out in the field to bring the entire information back and forth, and the ability to optimize scheduling. Other imperative features include customer portals, integration with CRM and other tools to for increasing sales.

“Our customers select WennSoft for their mobile enablement of field technicians, and customer portals. Our mobile solutions offer a unique store and forward technology, for areas with limited connectivity. Work captured by field technicians is saved and restored once they’re back in Wi-Fi or cellular range.
Also, our portal solutions empower a company’s customers to access information about their assets, equipment and more,” explains Wenninger.

WennSoft is All About Field Service

“We offer two different products, namely WennSoft Signature and WennSoft Evolution. As a totally integrated solution, Signature is preferred as you get financials, accounting, purchasing, inventory tracking, fixed assets and more. As a field service solution, Evolution, which is built on Microsoft CRM, would be the best choice,” adds Wenninger.

Aegis, a leading provider of chemical solutions for the oil and gas industry was prompted to discover a business solution that could help automate its operations and improve communications with field employees and the back office. The need for ticketing and invoicing, along with paperless processing was critical. There was also urgency concerning greater visibility for the management.

Our portal solutions empower a company’s customers to access information about their assets, equipment and more

WennSoft was the final choice for Aegis. The firm, thriving on their complete offering comprising of field service to job cost, supported all of their business processes, be it supporting the technicians in the field as well as the project managers in the back office. The fact that it was built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM was also very appealing as Aegis was an existing user of many Microsoft solutions.

Going forward, abiding by their core value of ensuring customer success, WennSoft has great plans to explore the intelligent service, a domain widely regarded as the industry’s future.

WennSoft Inc.

New Berlin, WI

Jim Wenninger, CEO

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