Westell Technologies: The Promise of Networking Resilience and Flexibility

Amy Walther, Vice President of Sales and Business Development & Joel Tamkin, Vice President of Intelligent Site Management
In order to ensure that the edge devices are well connected within a network, sensory nodes must be routed through a definitive channel of communication. While there is a plethora of low-cost sensors that provide increased visibility to critical components across the network, industry leaders have consistently sought the conveniences of a singular point of interface for all connected devices. The resolution to this critical requirement comes from Westell Technologies – a leader in high-performance IoT networking, offering hardware devices that become the secure interface or central point of contact for managing edge devices on a network. The IoT products and solutions provided by Westell enhance the organization's efficacy and minimize operational costs while offering the flexibility to adapt new and existing devices with greater ease.

"Westell is a trusted, mature company with the spirit of a startup. With extensive experience, we understand the value of client input when developing innovative solutions," says Joel Tamkin, Vice President, Intelligent Site Management.

Westell Technologies is backed by four decades of excellence in the network infrastructure and communications spectrum. The company's industrial grade products and solutions successfully furnish actionable intelligence and give users complete control of the devices situated at the edge of the network. Westell's products are developed in tandem with their Fortune 500 clients' evolving technologies and needs, optimized for small scale type deployments such as a tiny radio or antenna or large scale environments such as an entire central office or computing facility. They serve monitoring requirements across various networks such as Smart City, Environment and Security, In-Building and Public Safety, Power Management, Site Security and Management and Tower Monitoring and Control, among others. The hardware and software components of this architecture are designed to address a multitude of communication requirements and create a solution that is vendor-agnostic, scalable, and flexible.

“Our solutions differentiate themselves from some of the newer, more recent, generic IoT solutions. When it comes to dealing with adversity and network connections, the flexibility needed to handle different types of network connections, and the robustness of our data collection and reporting functions, Westell knows the right way to monitor your network” elaborates Joel Tamkin, Vice President, Intelligent Site Management.
Designed to make end-users’ jobs easier, Westell has ensured that its products perform exceptionally well against industry-specific, all-encompassing solutions; some of these mainstream solutions are, more often than not, tedious to implement or oversee. On the contrary, Westell's smart city power outage monitoring capability is managed by EdgeLink and VantEdge, on the hardware and software fronts, offering distinctive advantages to end-users. For smooth configuration of EdgeLink in the client's environment, Westell offers OnRamp, an iOS and Android app that connects wirelessly to the Westell the device. Functions such as receiving notifications, mapping, reports, historical data and push notifications are also made simpler via Westell's Software platform, which is designed for remote intelligent monitoring of the network. As part of their high-end network infrastructure initiatives, Westell Technologies entered the foray of IoT through their monitoring and control solutions.

Westell is trusted, mature company with the spirit of a startup. With extensive experience, we understand the value of client input when developing innovative solutions

Most of these clients traditionally relied on a serial network connection to connect with the devices at the cell site; Westell developed a modernized, industrial grade unit called the RMX-4000 that includes 2 SFP slots, 4 serial, 14 Ethernet with POE, and 32 I/O ports along with 900 MHz wireless sensor support. As compared to modular units in the market, the RMX-4000 can help save operational costs for clients that wish to add more sensors and connectivity to edge devices in the future. “In an effort to ensure a modernized approach to product development, we make sure to create a solution that will fit into a single rack space, leaving room for future scalability to connect to other devices giving you the freedom to remotely manage your unmanned sites.” says Amy Walther, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

With broadband densification in urban and rural areas presenting several notable opportunities, the company is well poised to cater to organizations whose product requirements may vary in scale and volume, thereby maintaining unprecedented quality through all of its engagements. Westell's expertise in collating and normalizing data from a myriad of devices, providing a cloud-based IoT site management solution and simplifying the configuration and deployment has enabled them to deliver a solution that realizes the true resilience and flexibility of IoT.

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Amy Walther, Vice President of Sales and Business Development & Joel Tamkin, Vice President of Intelligent Site Management

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