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Roger Burks, CEO
When Roger Burks and team founded WG Consulting, their depth of knowledge and real world experience in the Energy, Power & Utilities, Manufacturing & Services, and Commodity Trading industries quickly made them the “go to” partner for companies who want to achieve Finance and Operations excellence. “All of these industries are undergoing massive transformations,” says Burks, CEO at WG. “For example, the Energy sector is undergoing a revolution in terms of the production-transportation-consumption lifecycle which is changing fundamental economics, as well as accelerating the pace of change. To create new capabilities or address problems, you address People, then Process, then enabling Technology,” says Burks. Noting that throwing technology at problems simply creates bigger problems faster, Burks has built a team at WG of the thought leaders in their industries and disciplines.

To support their clients around the globe, WG has created a holistic set of Advisory, Implementation and BPO services focused on creating excellence in Finance, Operations and Sales. The combination of real-world business experience with the team’s deep knowledge of the regulatory, compliance and market influences on their customers allows them to deliver affordable, sustainable and innovative solutions quickly. “The implementation of effective processes and organizations enabled by technology allow us to define metrics that drive the performance of the company, delivering visibility across the business cycle, and creating actionable insight for our clients,” says Burks. He also points out the difficulties faced by organizations due to an untapped wealth of data. “Systems don’t think, people do. Companies are in love with ‘Big Data’, but spend too much time digging for data and too little time applying people, their ultimate asset, to exploiting it. Today’s enterprise must leverage near time operational and financial data through sophisticated financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and modeling capabilities to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” he adds.

We apply deep expertise, innovative thinking and technology to deliver Finance and Operational excellence

WG’s teams use this “convergence” approach to break down the organizational walls that isolate information and creativity, creating proactive, rather than reactive businesses that thrive no matter the market situation.

The company has aligned with a range of technology firms to deliver solutions in Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, and ERP. “We have a number of strong, strategic partnerships with tech-based companies but are vendor independent since helping clients make the right technology choice is key to making success sustainable,” states Burks. He notes the innovation from partners like Oracle is helping customers deploy solutions “Faster, Better and Cheaper” than ever. “Oracle as a partner aligns very well with our vision and our customer’s needs for affordable innovation, especially with their investments in ‘Cloud’ solutions,” says Burks who continues “Business expertise and technology working together is critical to our clients’ success, for example we have a Finance Advisory offering around the new Revenue Recognition rules, and we are working with Oracle, Blackline, Host Analytics, INFOR and others to create enabling solutions and help customers use these solutions to meet the mandated timelines.”

Their future vision, Burks believes, is driven by the continued needs of their customers and the markets they serve. “We are really looking forward to continued innovation in solutions that let our clients be nimble and operationally effective. By serving our clients and not our agendas, WG will re-main the partner of choice for those who want to build excellence.”

WG Consulting

Houston, TX

Roger Burks, CEO

A full-service consulting firm to the Energy, Power & Utilities, Manufacturing, Services and Transportation & Logistics industries

WG Consulting