WGroup: IT Run Optimization Mavens

Jeff Vail, CEO
In the last boardroom meeting, the mercury rose as the CEO inquired about the capital requirements to operate IT. The team was bombarded with questions by the directors concerning the rising IT costs, with minimal business value. Surprisingly, their next meeting is on a comparatively calmer note, where the concerns were met with less lights-on IT spend and a clear picture for how IT enables the business to better compete. What led the second meeting to a different outcome? The answer is WGroup. With WGroup in the advisor chair, the leadership team embraced run optimization, analyzed the existing state of IT operations, and crafted a new IT strategy that minimized commodity work and accelerated new business-impacting investments. Harnessing a unique IT advisory practice, WGroup brought harmony among the board and the CEO.

Touching upon the numerous technical riddles solved by WGroup, the company’s CEO, Jeff Vail points out the similarity in the situation faced by large organizations when their IT investment is out of alignment—spending 80 percent of the time, energy, and resources just to run IT. With a peer-to-peer approach to IT optimization and transformation, WGroup steps in with its game-changing management consulting. He adds, “WGroup resolves such client challenges by helping CIOs, CEOs, and PE firms think differently about IT.” Founded by a CIO, the Philadelphia-based firm improves the alignment of IT with the business, and helps CIOs reduce tasks like running data centers and providing break/fix support, and instead focus the attention of their teams toward adding value to the business. WGroup has over 100 consultants working in Fortune 500 and midsized clients across every industry.

WGroup optimizes numerous factors such as the maturity of a service delivery model, the right mix of insourced/ outsourced services, new and effective MSP contracts, increased levels of automation, acceleration to the cloud, elimination of technical debt, and strong business relationship management and governance. WGroup’s senior IT leaders recommend the essential steps for pruning the service delivery cost and reducing the boat anchor of run activities.
The firm’s modus operandi includes in-depth financial models that outline the best way to deliver services for the highest service levels, greatest speed and lowest cost. “We optimize the IT environment— to minimize cost and resources allocated to run, and accelerate IT’s impact on business transformation,” says Vail. En route to optimization, WGroup delivers strategies to modernize infrastructure service delivery, rationalize the application portfolio, integrate mergers, and more. For example, if a client from the healthcare industry is still managing a data center whereas their core business is patient care, then the business prudence may lie in focusing IT on activities to improve healthcare delivery. WGroup determines the right combination of insourcing, outsourcing, automation, and cloud services for IT run optimization. The firm’s vendor management expertise facilitates the integration between multiple suppliers and delivery services with the right SLAs, that aren’t green until the service is truly exceptional.

We optimize the IT environment - to minimize cost and resources allocated to run, and accelerate IT’s impact on business transformation

Driven by the passion to deliver business outcomes, WGroup conducts end-to-end IT service management advisory to provide the best practices in operating and managing IT. The company’s customer-centric approach adapts standard frameworks to the specific client needs. WGroup has realized a 32 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate for the last three consecutive years— it’s clear WGroup’s peer-to-peer consulting strategy has struck the right chord in the marketplace. WGroup’s leadership team is looking forward to a multitude of new business opportunities to help more clients unlock the true potential of IT.


Radnor, PA

Jeff Vail, CEO

WGroup is a management consulting firm with a peer-to-peer approach to IT optimization and transformation