WheelHouse Solutions: Managing Standardized IT Infrastructure for Multi-location Companies

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Chris Torbit, Managing Partner
From an IT perspective, managing multiple business locations involves the risk of inconsistency and miscommunication. Mismanagement over multiple sites can negatively impact customer relationships and wipe out any advantage of going big.

WheelHouse Solutions makes a world of difference by relying on two decades of IT experience. With a focus on the healthcare and the manufacturing sector, the managed IT services company enables clients to view and manage critical IT operations in customizable dashboards. Be it a company struggling with IT or attempting to reduce their technology redundancy for better up-time, WheelHouse Solutions has remedies for all. “We strive to make IT a revenue-generating column focused on achieving business objectives— not a business expense,” says Chris Torbit, Managing Partner, WheelHouse Solutions.

WheelHouse Solutions has all the necessary tools and services to assess the assets that businesses have in their multiple locations. For example, a business with 1000 locations might not have a knowledge of the quantity of printers or desktops currently in use. WheelHouse Solutions helps these clients in asset tagging and patching to ensure all equipment is securely maintained on the network. Clients are provided with reports which enable them to make better decisions. The company also deploys software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) for multi-location businesses, equipping them with the ability to monitor the network in real-time, from anywhere.

A key area of focus for WheelHouse Solutions is Microsoft applications and functionality. The company helps clients keep up with all the changing facets of Microsoft solutions to help them achieve operational efficiency.It also has divisions dedicated to training clients about the ever-changing dynamics of technology and how to use it effectively. For example, as the pricing of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Intune MDM, and telecom solutions fluctuates, the firm trains customers to get the most out of those technologies for the money they pay.
For delivering the services, WheelHouse Solutions follows a unique consult-design-implement-support approach. The company looks at the client’s existing technology stack first and then serves them in any or all four stages to ensure they achieve the desired outcomes. At times, customers have appropriate designs but cannot implement them or may have integrated the technology but lack the necessary human assistance to make it work. WheelHouse manages those projects in their project management office until the intended end results are achieved.

We strive to make IT a revenue-generating column focused on achieving business objectives—not a business expense

WheelHouse Solutions’ wide range of services and technology expertise has enabled it to serve a plethora of clients. For example, a global company approached them to move their office 365 to a new tenant amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. WheelHouse acted as their resource partner and globally deployed SD-WAN. They also managed the client’s technology and telecom expenses, as well as a worldwide 10,000-seat voice-over IP deployment. As a result, the global company witnessed a hybrid work environment in which all technologies were linked under a single framework to improve work productivity.

For multi-location businesses, where challenges are mostly interlinked, WheelHouse Solutions aligns its services with clients’ whole business processes instead of focusing on a single challenge. This assists the company in easily implementing even the most complex solutions across any organization for the best possible return on investment.

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Chris Torbit, Managing Partner

WheelHouse Solutions provides technology solutions for small to mid-sized businesses throughout the Saint Louis. With a focus on IT Security and Managed Services, it provide serves the small and mid-sized business community