WHI Solutions: Redefining Selling Standards for the Automotive Industry

Bryan Murphy, Managing Director
Automakers are increasingly integrating cutting edge features to their existing and new product lines, throwing a glamorous outlook on the industry to the onlookers. But the technological upliftments were leaving out the aftermarket area of automotive sector. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers were not able to cope with the thrust caused by the relentless innovation from automakers, at least not until WHI Solutions came into picture with SaaS and cloud-based technologies, to enhance the automotive aftermarket area.

WHI Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay Motors, aims to improve parts selection and value for buyers by expanding the automotive parts market for all sellers. Built on cloud computing DNA, WHI Solutions’ proven e-commerce solutions help dealers compete online, offline or mobile. “We provide fast and reliable automotive aftermarket applications (over 99.99 percent up time) and ensure 95 percent on-time delivery of products, projects and releases,” says Bryan Murphy, MD, WHI Solutions.

Leveraging the eBay ecosystem of 128 million active users worldwide, WHI Solutions provides partssellers, retailers and automotive dealers with a robust complementary sales channel, driving buyers and transaction volume. WHI Solutions technology includes solutions for B2B, B2C and the eBay marketplace. Each solution includes comprehensive fitment technology that helps buyers easily sort and find millions of parts that fit their vehicle–which allows faster and more convenient purchasing while ensuring the part you buy will fit your car.

“We are focused on providing the best possible value for buyers and sellers. For sellers, this means providing turnkey, best-in-class technology to help them market their inventory to millions of auto shoppers, online and on mobile. For buyers it’s all about selection, value and ease of use,” says Murphy. While the idea behind eBay Motor’s acquisition of WHI Solutions was well justified with its performance in the later years, Richard Brewer-Hay, a popular communications and social media strategist comments, “from what I can tell, and I’ve been paying closer and closer attention to it lately, eBay Motors makes it pretty simple to find parts for cars–whether you’re a car enthusiast or not–and the integration of WHI seems to further emphasize that ease of use.”
The company sees the majority of its traction from automotive and heavy duty truck verticals, both OEM and aftermarket. The company’s flagship product series—Nexpart,which makes the whole buying and selling process simpler than traditional standards, has been creating ripples in the market. Nexpart’s eCatalog updates vehicle data faster than any other eCatalog vendors thus having the best model coverage, supercessions, obsoletes and error corrections in the market. Their e-commerce and supply chain solutions also focus on creating virtual inventory for dealers thereby providing best repair information in the industry. Nexpart’s distribution management system comes with inventory management, purchasing, e-commerce, Point of Sale (POS), and catalog features making it the only single solution required to run operations. WHI Solutions’ solutions in Business Intelligence (BI) also comes with inventory management tools that calculates the optimal inventory by taking into account factors such as vehicle application, order cycle days, lead times, inventory turns, order points, daily demand and safety stock for each part.

“Nexpart exceeded our expectations, and they were high to begin with,” said Amato of B&B Auto Supply serving the Pacific Northwest from Portland, a fully satisfied client who wishes to recommend WHI Solutions to other industry leaders.

eBay Motors and WHI Solutions will continue to focus on growing and expanding the automotive parts market for everyone, simplifying the way consumers shop for auto parts, and enable parts retailers, distributors, dealers and wholesalers to reach more customers efficiently and effectively, in all the ways they prefer to shop.

WHI Solutions

Rye Brook, NY

Bryan Murphy, Managing Director

Provides SaaS and cloud-based technologies, to enhance the automotive aftermarket area