Whistle Systems: Understanding What Moves the Needle

Drew Carter, CEO and Co-Founder
Retaining great employees is a priority for every company, acutely so in the current hyper-competitive labor markets. While most companies face growing attrition problems, they continue to use the same playbook and people technology despite dubious business impact. The ROI of everything from learning to wellness is unknown. Firms seldom ask if their people programs are worth the investment. Whistle Systems has developed a novel payment solution allowing businesses to measure and improve their investments in people and take control of their retention problems.

Drew Carter, CEO of Whistle Systems, co-founded the company to provide a payment processing tool. Whistle’s ability to deliver real-time payments to any employee changes how incentives can be tied to outcomes and opens new opportunities for using budgets as a shared responsibility of a more inclusive culture.

Whistle Systems enables clients to disperse speedy payments to employees similarly to gift cards, but without the limitations of expiration dates or faulty tax and compliance reporting. The solution also features entertaining and powerful controls that enable clients to manage the way money is spent by an employee.

Whistle Systems also provides a mobile application that allows managers to make a payment, have it recorded, and track how it is spent by an employee with only a few clicks on their smartphone.“We have the easiest, fastest and most efficient solution in the market, which is especially important in a world of hybrid or remote work,” states Drew. The growing trend of remote work has caused employer-employee interactions to become entirely transactional.
Whistle Systems is trying to return a sense of community and belonging to the enterprise by enabling employers to easily make payments within seconds. Moreover, clients can easily set up the solution; they log on to the website, register, add funds, and are operational in less than ten minutes.

We have the easiest, fastest and most efficient payments processing solution on the market, which is especially important in a world of hybrid or remote work

Interestingly, some of these clients utilize Whistle Systems’ payment solution to drive more equity and inclusion amongst their employees. For instance, a client intended to donate a significant sum of money to a specific charity on behalf of their employees. Instead, the client leveraged Whistle Systems to disperse funds evenly among the company’s employees, asking them to donate the money to a charity of their choice. The employee-centric action overturned the client’s initial intention to donate to a single charity, and the funds were distributed to 53 different foundations. Whistle Systems enabled the client to empower employees with no extra administrative burden or cost and drive greater value.

Whistle Systems also facilitates learning through payments that reinforce participation in wellness programs or training. Based on the status of an employee’s progress payments can be made through the system. Whistle Systems’ microlearning allows clients to choose curated best-in-class programs from its marketplace and create a positive learning environment in their organization.

Whistle Systems

St. Louis, MO

Drew Carter, CEO and Co-Founder

Whistle Systems offers advanced and effective payment solutions with an employee-centric approach that improves employee retention

Whistle Systems