White Clay: The Revenue-Driving Power of Information

Mac Thompson, President
Today’s banking environment presents multiple challenges. Increasing regulatory requirements, intensive competition, security risks, information management, data quality—how can banks navigate this landscape while continuing to profit and grow? Louisville-based White Clay rises to meet the challenge, providing unparalleled software solutions and consulting services that help bankers leverage data to optimize their activities. “We are committed to helping banks harness the power of information to increase revenue,” says Mac Thompson, president of White Clay.


The foundation of White Clay’s solution is an end-to-end process that provides a necessary underlying structure for banker-client interactions. The sales process is designed to increase revenue by growing clients, deepening relationships, and improving pricing. Bankers learn to implement best practices by understanding the key questions that will guide the client relationship, starting with business development and carrying through to creating solutions, onboarding clients, and managing client relationships. At the core of the sales process is a management philosophy of measurement, inspection, and coaching.

Data at Bankers’ Fingertips

White Clay’s software provides all the tools a banker needs to effectively execute the sales process. The configurable platform consolidates customer information from core and ancillary systems into one analytical environment. Data silos are eliminated, providing a clean, queryable data set, and ultimately a holistic, easy-to-understand view of customers’ critical information. By centralizing all the data, the system gives bankers unprecedented insights into client profitability, sales management, banker incentive, and more. White Clay implements and runs the software with minimal impact to bank personnel, while maximizing security by deploying and managing the software environment within the bank’s firewall.

We are committed to helping banks harness the power of information to increase revenue

Training Ensures Results

The company also provides robust training and education to successfully develop bankers. In-person, interactive classes are designed to yield optimal learning. Separate sessions focus on the unique needs of each line of business and job function, including management. Ongoing support is also provided to reinforce the training and ensure successful adoption. “By leveraging White Clay’s multiple technologies coupled with processes and overall training, organizations evolve from their traditional ways, and are able to add value for their customers,” says Thompson.

Proven Partnership

White Clay serves as the bank’s partner, providing guidance to ensure success. The company has deep banking experience, having spent decades in leadership at some of the largest banks in America. In addition, Thompson teaches pricing and profitability at the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking. With this expertise, White Clay is able to analyze a bank’s portfolio and identify impactful opportunity projects. “By deploying White Clay’s software, our clients have experienced returns on investment of over 500 percent,” extols Thompson.

White Clay drives results by aligning people, process, and technology. The software provides bankers with actionable data that identifies the greatest revenue opportunities, and bankers are also equipped with a process so they know how to maximize these opportunities on a day-to-day basis. It’s not just about growing relationships; it’s about growing the right relationships in the right way, and data-driven best practices allow bankers to do just that.

White Clay

Louisville, KY

Mac Thompson, President

White Clay’s software solutions and consulting services empower banks to profit from their data

White Clay