WHOA.com: Delivering Agility and Innovation in a Secure Cloud

CIO VendorTim Varma, Chief Strategy Officer
As cloud innovation matures, today's IT landscape demands security procedures that can adapt to ever changing regulatory and administration policies, as well as a constant onslaught of modern threats. Whether a cloud setup is on or off-premise, security needs to be a primary consideration, even if the existing infrastructure seems to be working for the time being. “Keeping on the leading edge of threat and security management, WHOA.com has designed our infrastructure to deliver the best security features available. Our security solutions are capable of protecting sensitive data and brand reputations for the world's largest enterprises,” says Tim Varma, Chief Strategy Officer, WHOA. com.

WHOA.com is a next-generation, secure cloud solutions provider that offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class cloud services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery, Integrated Applications and Security. The WHOA. com secure network of multiple top tier data centers is strategically located across the country, which prioritizes security, efficiency, and the reliable delivery of business-critical applications. By providing the industry’s finest hardware and software coupled with superior levels of high availability, connectivity, uptime, and security, WHOA.com represents the pinnacle of quality available in today’s cloud infrastructure market.

“WHOA.com takes a ‘defense in depth’ approach to protection and security,” claims Varma. By leveraging an ecosystem of partner technologies, the company provides layers of security through the entire system and application stack. “We enhance our clients' strategic and business operational capabilities by providing critical cloud infrastructure built for security, compliance, performance, service and cost-efficiency,” he adds. Since its origin, the company has exclusively selected and deployed industry-leading technologies
from providers such as Palo Alto Networks, NetApp, VMware, Citrix, ScienceLogic, Cisco, and Microsoft. “Our ‘Best-In- Class’ Secure Cloud solutions allow our customers to access the IT infrastructure and platform assets best suited to their specific and evolving business needs,” explains Varma. WHOA.com’s Private Cloud service offers public cloud agility together with the benefits of private cloud. With their secure multi-tenancy (SMT) design, customers experience the highest possible levels of privacy and security. Meanwhile, the company has built out a complete offering of high quality public cloud services, with paramount importance to security and protection. Further, WHOA.com’s Secure Cloud Desktop is a complete hosted IT solution which unchains desktops and applications so that they can be accessed by any device from anywhere with proper protection.

Recently, a client in the finance sector wanted to host their mission critical applications in a compliant, highly secure cloud offering optimal performance. The customer needed their provider to ensure high availability and business continuity through a second world-class data center, in case of any catastrophic event at the production data center location. To meet this challenge, WHOA.com deployed Database Availability Group (DAG) for Microsoft Exchange in multiple data centers offering bi-coastal redundancy. This clustering technology keeps both active/passive exchange environments completely synchronized. Global load balancing was also implemented to automatically detect a possible failure at the production stack and route DNS over to the DR site, resulting in enhanced security.

WHOA.com recently attained the benchmark ISO 27001 certification, and is committed to further developing their regulatory solutions to meet the needs of multiple verticals, owing to the changing landscape of security. “As long as there are new threats evolving every day, security breaches, ultra-delicate data, or profoundly intricate and unique operating needs, WHOA.com will continue to provide solutions that best meet or exceed the requirements of the market,” concludes Varma.


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Tim Varma, Chief Strategy Officer

Providing mission-critical secure cloud infrastructure for businesses, capable of protecting sensitive data, important operations and vital brand reputations