WhoKnows: Analyzing Organizational Talents and Knowledge Gaps

Chris Macomber, CEO
Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve enterprise related objectives by better utilizing knowledge assets, channels of sharing ideas and improving work collaboration can drive success for the modern enterprise. Moreover, flattening an organization’s work platform by connecting employees with their right colleagues to enable cross company knowledge sharing and collaboration at the right time can result in an overall increase in ROI. However, focusing on relevant content and managing documents along with employing best practices to document exquisite knowledge generated in the company is in itself a challenging task. The Redwood City, CA based WhoKnows, a provider of Knowledge Management (KM) and people analytics solutions, helps businesses to establish a collaborative work environment to share and unlock the total sum of their valuable knowledge. “We wanted to offer companies and their employees with in-depth knowledge of—who knows what, who knows who, and who knows how to better assign responsibilities to the appropriate people and get assistance from the right talent,” says Chris Macomber, CEO, WhoKnows.

The discovery engine, a key software platform of WhoKnows, creates the most accurate, dynamic and up-to-date profile of employee expertise, skills (including soft skills), and work history. This empowers real-time connections for smarter faster problem solving and enhanced collaboration and innovation. Further, the solution allows for greater analysis and reuse of previously created content, boosting overall utilization of knowledge assets. “It also enables looking into the real time work activities of every professional during their job, facilitating recommendations and valuable suggestions if required,” states Macomber. Further, user privacy is well protected as Discovery engine houses domain based, topic based filters that monitors only work related activities.

Apart from knowledge sharing and monitoring solutions, WhoKnows’s people analytics helps clients to better utilize big data and deliver better conversion rates. The solution provides insights into an organization’s talents distribution, best performing teams, departments and mergers along with identifying expertise and overlap of expertise the enterprise has.

User privacy is well protected as Discovery engine houses domain based, topic based filters that monitors only work related activities

Additionally the firm helps analyzing knowledge gaps to manage the supply and demand of knowledge requirements of the company. “By analyzing factors like employee’s information requirements, their primary needs, and the pain-points, companies can study the demand curve and find out where the shortage of information and knowledge is,” states Macomber.

The company’s prowess as a KM solution provider has helped many organizations to resolve complex issues. Once, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, with offices located in multiple countries, needed collaboration among researcher works in developing new drugs and products with a shared digital platform where every professional had insights into productive knowledge and information. The client also wanted to leverage the analytics solutions to help make better decisions to achieve more businesses and stay ahead in the market. Partnering with WhoKnows, the customer was able to provide a connected environment to its employees and over 90 percent of users were publishing their work reports and research information to enhance work efficiency and provide sufficient data to accomplish a project. “They were able to know who is working on a particular project or a subject to facilitate reaching the right person at the right time to gather required information,” explains the CEO.

Forging ahead, the firm is planning to apply burgeoning trends into the KM space to help professionals scale up or down, according to company requirements, in the process, reducing expenditures pertaining to employee replacements. “We help companies unlock their people, retain and grow them to become leaders in the market place,” concludes Macomber.


Redwood City, CA

Chris Macomber, CEO

Provider of knowledge management solutions along with people analytics and intelligent collaboration within the work environment