WholeStack Solutions: Removing Distractions Unlocks the Full Potential of IT Services

Pat Zimmer, CEO
Organizations today are focused on technologies with low perceived value, but high business impact. “Users prefer not to deal with IT; yes, IT understands data (integration, security, and continuity), business continuity, and disaster recovery, but not how it is all part of a larger framework that drives business outcomes and revenue. IT focuses on the wrong things at the wrong time, spending more time on tech requirements and not enough time with the people trying to solve problems. These factors contribute to widening the gap between business units and IT” begins Pat Zimmer, CEO, WholeStack Solutions. “Another challenge is that IT has been in a cycle we refer to as BCF—better, cheaper, faster. In BCF, organizations fail to identify the value their services have,” adds Zimmer. He believes the value of IT comes from elevating engineering talent from mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on creating and innovating.

Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, WholeStack Solutions enables organizations to unlock engineering resources. WholeStack Solutions provides insights and takes over support functions from IT teams bogged down in trouble tickets and network monitoring. WholeStack Solutions performs a wide array of application monitoring tests, from ping (up/down) status checks to advanced transaction scripts.

WholeStack Solutions also offers assessment services, including service assessments. WholeStack Solutions works with CIOs to understand how services are currently implemented and perceived by the organization. WholeStack Solutions is able to provide a detailed consumption pattern of the services offered. “Assessing an organization’s service portfolio is extremely important; it’s where we start our gap analysis. Finding the gaps helps us get a better understanding on where you need to focus your energy,” Zimmer explains.

One of WholeStack Solutions’ core competencies is helping IT focus on the R of ROI (return on investment).

We implement a process built specifically to understand the problems customers are trying to solve

Zimmer believes that through demonstrating ROI, WholeStack Solutions gives its clients the ability to develop better solutions. “We have a process built specifically to understand the problems customers are trying to Solve. This enables them to create their own answers. It is a cultural differentiator and not a technical differentiator.”

Creating a strong culture focused on solving its clients’ problems, WholeStack Solutions has been building outcome-driven success in the IT industry. For example, a healthcare provider found their IT team constantly engaged in operational administrative tasks. Engineers were involved in issues such as problem management and change implementation. WholeStack Solutions discovered what problems the team was trying to solve. WholeStack Solutions then took over administrative tasks, which enabled the engineers to focus on more innovative projects that drove the organization forward, such as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) deployment activity. With engineering talent focused on this initiative, the project was completed on schedule and in budget. The team stayed within the scope of work and exceeded expectations, engaging end users to drive EMR adoption at a much higher rate.

WholeStack Solutions also helps teams determine how Big Data can impact their organization. By freeing up engineers, they can now work towards how Big Data drives better business outcomes. Speaking of the road ahead, Zimmer says, “IT needs to generate value. This is the direction we push our customers. We free up their time so they can focus on measurable business outcomes.

WholeStack Solutions

Kansas City, MO

Pat Zimmer, CEO

WholeStack Solutions provides complete and extensible IT services through proactive monitoring of networks, devices, and applications