Wiit: Defining the Journey to SAP HANA

Alessandro Cozzi, Founder & CEO
As an avid innovator, Alessandro Cozzi has always been passionate about solving emerging challenges faced by businesses in their transition to SAP HANA platform in a safe and more seamless way. The reason why this transition to SAP HANA shows up on the technological level essentially comes from critical business requirements—rapidity, flexibility, scalability and security, real time information, and superior performances. “As a certified SAP Partner, Wiit is specialized on managing mission critical SAP landscapes in a business continuity environment,” expresses Alessandro Cozzi, Founder and CEO, Wiit.

Wiit plays an advisory role in helping clients in their journey to HANA. “SAP HANA projects for our clients bring a great amount of complexity in terms of timing and variables to be assessed and really hard to manage on their own,” points-out Cozzi. To resolve this issue, Wiit has developed a unique SAP HANA project framework that encompasses all the variables, risks and opportunities needed for a smooth digital transition.

As a certified SAP cloud provider, Wiit is enabling business transition by leveraging on its high-end capabilities to not only manage both critical SAP landscapes and secure hybrid architectures, but also maximize all the features coming from the private cloud adoption. “We are an Italian boutique for hosted private and hybrid cloud services fully committed to provide best-in-class IT models with security, flexibility, productivity performances and quality standards,” asserts Cozzi. “We guarantee H24 windows of service and provide to our customers a scalable solution that increases performances and optimizes costs.” The firm has distinguished itself with a strong specialization in enabling organizations to outsource critical applications, significantly helping them transform and optimize the management of IT activities as well as support them with reliable SLAs.

“We believe that a reliable SLA implies—that we keep and update constantly our competences internally with the end to end approach from datacenter to SAP Basis and to SAP Application Management,” adds Cozzi. “Also, the TIER IV certification of our datacenter, on top of the existing excellence in processes and competences, represents the achievement of our mission: guarantee to customers—excellent performances and maximum security.”

Our Hosted Cloud services is fully committed to provide best-in-class IT models with security, flexibility, productivity performances and quality standards

This means that Wiit enables its client’s SAP landscape to run in a Tier IV datacenter with business continuity; and in Disaster Recovery at more than 200 Km—allowing Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) close to zero.

Wiit has been a dedicated partner for the major Italian companies’ shift to HANA platform—including some of the luxury brands worldwide. Wiit has offered “end to end” services of hosting SAP at the highest levels of security across different markets from industrial manufacturing to consumer product goods.

Since, IoT has become the norm among the industries today, many of Wiit’s corporate customers or prospects are already taking up IoT projects to better impact their value chain. “SAP is responding on this theme with its HANA Platform for the Internet of Things including functionalities of geospacial processing, data series, location services as well as managing and monitoring remote devices and providing real-time insights on data collected,” states Cozzi. By leveraging its Tier IV datacenter—equipped with the best-of-breed intrusion detection and prevention systems, Wiit acts as an ideal partner of hosting critical IoT projects.

“As an SAP partner we are constantly involved in their tech and app evolution,” states Cozzi. Wiit is making a big step towards hybrid scenarios from both a technological and a security point of view, which meets needs of data security, scalability of services, high performance and business continuity, as well as accelerates business optimization and cost-effectiveness.


Milano, Italy

Alessandro Cozzi, Founder & CEO

A certified SAP partner specialized on critical application management in a business continuity environment