Wilco Source: Focus on Client Success

Sundar Ramasamy, Co-founder & CEO
Ten years ago, Wilco Source co-founders, Sundar Ramasamy and Kedar Relangi, were colleagues working to implement Salesforce into their organization, and they observed two phenomena. First, that Salesforce offered unprecedented opportunities for an organization to enrich and make more effective their interactions with customers. Second, that although the platform was rapidly expanding as a reliable enterprise architecture component, organizations were facing challenges in exploiting the opportunity that Salesforce offered. Those challenges included lack of internal technology resources and skill gaps among developers, varying competencies in the ability to integrate data and legacy systems, and having the nimbleness to develop solutions quickly. Ramasamy and Relangi founded Wilco Source in July 2014 to help organizations accelerate their ability to deploy strategic Salesforce solutions, and this has led to a series of remarkably successful partnerships with clients.

When asked about the secret to Wilco Source’s success, CIO Kedar Relangi says, “We help our clients extend the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to fully meet their unique requirements. From implementation through support, Wilco Source assists clients with all aspects of the Salesforce lifecycle. Because of the business value we have helped our clients achieve, we’ve had our clients’ customers seek our advice. We are pleased that the help we have given our clients is so evident to their customers.”

Listening Is Key to Success. Relangi also shares that another factor in the company’s success is its culture that values careful listening. Through careful listening, Wilco Source assures that implementation aligns with the client’s capabilities and long-term strategic goals. The company focuses on its ability to accelerate Salesforce adoption through leveraging existing systems and data sources combined with rapid development.

Demand in Healthcare Industry. Co-founder and CEO, Sundar Ramasamy explains, “Salesforce is a platform that can be used in very diverse ways. We are currently focused on supporting healthcare companies. We have had a number of requests for support from that industry and it is an area of strength for us.”
Kedar Relangi, Co-founder & CIO
He emphasizes how regulation and privacy issues contribute to the intricacies of the healthcare arena. Salesforce is in-line with HIPAA and other regulations in healthcare and many healthcare companies plan to launch Salesforce-based applications. “Wilco Source expedites the adoption of Salesforce as a healthcare platform due to our extensive knowledge of both the healthcare and Salesforce domains,” explains Ramasamy. The company not only simplifies the migration to Salesforce Health Cloud but also furnishes clients with actionable insights through the power of analytics.

Implementation Partner. Wilco Source positions itself as a strong choice for a Salesforce implementation partnership for large organizations. “We look for long-term partnerships where we can continue to add value over time,” says Relangi. For example, Wilco Source offers support services that eliminate an organization’s need to hire and train support staff. “Through our facilities in the U.S. and India, we ensure uninterrupted services to our clients,” adds Relangi.

End-to-End Support. Because Wilco Source is concerned with their clients’ business success, it also provides development and assistance with solution adoption. Relangi and Ramasamy consider client success the best evidence of the value of a partnership with Wilco Source.

In the near future, tapping the potential of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence through Salesforce will be a challenge. Wilco Source’s intellectual roadmap includes building and providing support capability that exploits new offerings from Salesforce. Relangi and Ramasamy explain how the company aims to unleash the power of cutting-edge products like Salesforce Lightning. In summarizing the company’s strengths, Relangi says, “We train our employees so they can help our clients bridge the gap between problems and solutions. Our employees understand that they are not successful unless clients are. The drive to work with our clients is reflected in our name and in our staff.”

Wilco Source

Novato, CA

Sundar Ramasamy, Co-founder & CEO and Kedar Relangi, Co-founder & CIO

Specializes in Salesforce integrations in the healthcare arena

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