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Mahesh Varavooru, Founder & CTO
With over 18 years of experience in technology, big data, and analytics, Mahesh Varavooru knows what it takes to augment the impact of big data beyond simple data and analytics. He opines that data science and AI empowered by big data is accelerating the potential for disruptive change. "Only when we have big data we can execute data science and AI projects," he adds. His deep understanding of the dynamic technological environment has translated into laying the cornerstone of WildFire Force. "At WildFire, our primary mission is to help enterprises transform their businesses through the application of technological disruptions like big data, data science, NLP, and AI solutions," says Varavooru, founder, and CTO, WildFire Force. Besides offering data science and AI solutions, WildFire executes end-to-end big data implementation, beefed up with consulting services in data strategy, predictive analysis, AI, and ML.

A client engagement typically begins with understanding and identifying the challenges through an extensive process that involves analysis of the clients’ existing data, looking at their use case and then performing a proof of concept (POC). Following this, WildFire offers a tailor-made proposal regarding the necessary technology to be integrated, which when accepted by the client, is implemented through utilization of open source tools, like Python and TensorFlow, and AI libraries. “Once the customized product or service is developed and implemented, WildFire continues to provide support, functioning as a DevOps practitioner,” says Varavooru.

The company’s ingenuity in delivering AI, data science and big data consulting is employed in a variety of verticals—from energy and healthcare to financial and government. In healthcare, WildFire offers services that are complementary to the services provided by doctors in identifying cancer and enabling patients to avail early detection of various types of cancer. The team assists their clients in the field of cosmetics by enhancing their sales processes, especially the aspect of customer segmentation. This aides the client in improving their customer experience, which eventually leads to improved sales figures.
WildFire assists the government sector by collecting a massive amount of unstructured data from the web and converting it into a structured format through the utilization of NLP. Collaborating with financial institutions, WildFire facilitates fraud detection with regard to credit cards and also assists them with the process of know your customer (KYC), particularly in the area of anti-money laundering (AML).

Our primary mission is to help enterprises transform their businesses through the application of technological disruptions

In an instance, one of the major financial institutions struggling in their KYC process approached WildFire. The institution performed a KYC for every customer, which involved massive data to be processed to ensure the legitimacy of the account holder and to check if the customer has any affiliation with an organization or person on the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) list. The institution faced issues with the slow pace of the process and the number of false alerts it generated. WildFire’s custom-built AI solution significantly reduced the alerts from a staggering 88 percent to 5 percent, which reduced the reliance on manual processing and therefore saved essential resources like time and labor.

WildFire looks forward to developing an NLP product that captures all the publicly available, unstructured data on the web and converts it into a structured format for further processing. The company’s latest creation, an enterprise personal assistant, can perform all the repetitive, time-consuming tasks like sending emails, fixing appointments and transferring files from one system to another. This chatbot needs to be trained only once on what the client desires. “Keeping with our vision of streamlined processes, the enterprise personal assistant will dramatically change and increase the efficiency of the employees so that they can focus on high-level tasks,” says Varavooru.

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Mahesh Varavooru, Founder & CTO

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