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Kristen Hazard, CEO
Historically, the environmental consulting industry has been behind the curve in shifting from manual to automated processes, but the last decade has witnessed them making massive strides toward adopting new technologies. However, this requires onboarding, training, and support, which can place heavy demands on IT departments to purchase software and hardware or develop an in-house solution. This is ultimately creating a dilemma for CIOs to choose between “buy versus build.” Helping them to mitigate this quandary is Wildnote, a company that furthers environmental sustainability through technology and innovation. “When I created the Wildnote platform, I was looking toward the future—envisioning what was possible, and how technology would play an indispensable role in managing environmental data and making the environmental compliance process more effective and efficient. That future is here,” says Kristen Hazard, the CEO of Wildnote. The platform empowers project managers to create their own compliance checklists using a form designer that provides complete flexibility based on permit requirements. Once the form is set up, the inspector can collect the data in real-time on their mobile device by taking pictures, dropping lat-long points, and recording corrective actions. The platform delivers efficient, consistent, and accurate data and can also work offline.

Once back online, the data is synced immediately to the cloud giving the project manager instant access to what’s happening out in the field. This enables collaboration and quality assurance. The ability to adopt, adapt, and quickly deploy regulatory rule changes, makes it possible to address small problems before they turn into big fines. “Easy data in, easy data out. The ability to generate regulatory agency ready reports with three clicks is one of our highest value features. Without Wildnote, this task could take days to complete," says Kristen. Later, when the agency shows up for a surprise inspection, proof of compliance is easily retrieved in a digital system like Wildnote.

Wildnote stands apart in its ability to automatically input collected data directly into exact agency-required reports.

We are completely focused on building the best in class platform for managing all kinds of environmental compliance

This improves timeliness, accuracy, and consistency, which combine to increase efficiency by as much as 40 percent, for a 10:1 ROI. Tasks that took days or weeks can now be completed in a few clicks.

More than an app, the Wildnote platform delivers a holistic solution that enables clients to better manage environmental compliance over time. Instead of utilizing Wildnote just for data collection and then importing that data into another system for management, the big payoff comes from keeping the data in the platform to realize efficiency gains through the complete project lifecycle. The fact that Wildnote data can also be integrated with other applications and shared across multiple systems to meet the needs of the various stakeholders is a key value-component.

Kristen adds, "One of our other competitive advantages is our love and passion for the environment. Our mission is to help protect natural resources by delivering a platform to collect, manage, and report on environmental compliance. We are completely focused on building the best-in-class platform for managing all kinds of environmental compliance.”

Wildnote recently completed a Techstars accelerator program and raised a Seed Round to help them scale and add new features that bring even more value to existing and potential customers.“We have the technology to submit data directly to regulators in a format that makes regulation as effective and efficient as possible. We began by creating a solution for the people who do the reporting. Now, we are looking for innovative agencies and agency-champions to partner with us in our vision. One day, we hope to automate the entire environmental compliance process.” concludes Kristen.


Kristen Hazard, CEO

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