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Bruce Wilson, CEO
A law firm’s few concerns can be summed up as being flexible to meet the client’s requirements, having the functionality to manage multi-jurisdictional essentialities, and leveraging new technologies to be in sync with the market demands. To overcome bottlenecks in the internal processes, the legal fraternity eventually deploys a business management suite; however face an array of problems ranging from system integration to data migration in gaining a unified management experience. Newtown Township, PA based Wilson Legal Solutions provides legal technology services and analytics solutions to enhance the business performance and ameliorate process workflows.

Team Wilson enables the law firms to leverage the potential of user friendly and comprehensive law practice management solutions namely Thomson Reuters Elite 3E as well as Elite Enterprise. The solutions felicitously handle the crucial business aspects ranging from financial management to business development. As a certified 3E Application Services Partner and certified 3E IDE/Technical Services Partner, the clients have assurance of receiving expert-level service and support. Wilson enables the large law firms with scalable operations with Microsoft.NET based Elite 3E suite. The company sets up interfaces for Biz Talk server, which is essential to orchestrate the flow of web services and merit the user with accessibility. The company empowers the client with 3E’s process manager to track the process flow with the graphical interface. On account of 3E’s in-built collaboration tool, Wilson helps users to share information for comment and update in real-time. Design Gallery, a key component of 3E and Enterprise suites, streamlines the collection, conversion, and distribution of data. “We can formalize Design Gallery offering to help clients fully realize the benefits of automated billing and reporting processes,” says Bruce Wilson, CEO, Wilson Legal Solutions.

Though Wilson bestows the user with data extraction and analytics capabilities; processes and databases are secured with well-defined access control. Wilson’s pursuit to harness technology to deliver value for the clients is based on well-defined performance indicators.

We can formalize Design Gallery offering to help clients fully realize the benefits of automated billing and reporting processes

In one of the instances, the client-a law firm, Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP had acquired 700 lawyers from the firm called Reish and Reicher in Los Angeles. The client had to extract timekeeper numbers, case matters, and conflicts from ProLaw database. The client also wanted to convert data into the format compatible with Elite Enterprise database configuration and sought mapped data, automated exception handling within short time frame. The expertise and experience in data conversions merited Team Wilson with a project from the client and the team successfully mapped data from Reish and Reicher’s existing ProLaw database. The company developed conversion programs, performed load testing in test environment, validated the data conversion and finally the data was migrated into live production environment.

By playing a role of catalyst in making knowledgeable decisions, administrative processes effectual, and reduction in operating costs for its clients, Wilson aims to become a name to reckon with in legal technology arena. As part of its growth story, the company has expanded its operations to other geographies and increased its number of offerings. “We expanded our operations into the United Kingdom, plus we have shifted our business model to focus not only on software services but on product sales as well,” says Wilson. With the foray of technologies like cloud and Big data in Legal Tech, there lies a great opportunity for technophile Wilson in terms of business expansion and revenue growth.

Wilson Legal Solutions

Newtown Township, PA

Bruce Wilson, CEO

Provides legal technology services and analytics solutions to enhance business performance