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Jeff Weidler, President
Not only do wine clubs represent recurring revenue streams for wine businesses, but they also offer a powerful opportunity to turn guests into loyal customers and raving fans. However, managing a winery requires juggling contact details, customer preferences, billing information, and varying tax rates. As technology has taken hold of the tasting room, many wineries’ paperintensive system, based on the humble cash register has morphed into a variety of sophisticated and trendy software systems. CA-based WineWare Software solutions offers wineries across North America, its “SmartPOS” software and “SmartClub” wine club management system bring about a better business management for club operators.

The company claims to be the only provider of a fully integrated club management system with both restaurant and retail point of sale features. “Integrated e-commerce and mobile apps provide our customers with a complete suite of technology. Point of Sale (POS) is just a piece of the bigger, direct to consumer puzzle but is extremely important, nonetheless. It allows wineries to organize and streamline their tasting rooms and to manage wine clubs and e-commerce sites in a way that maximizes profits,” says Jeff Weidler, President, WineWare Software.

SmartPOS offers robust tools for tracking inventory, sales and customers in a flexible, easy-to-use system to hundreds of wineries and wine bars in United States and Canada. With customizable features for both retail transactions and restaurant functions, SmartPOS simplifies order taking process, allowing staff to focus on what really matters. Some of its latest features include custom report generation, EasyID scanner for age verification and driver's license information capture and pin pad entry devices with integrated signature capture capability so the credit card doesn't have to leave the customer's hands.
“SmartPOS is designed with touch screen technology for easy navigation. It is integrated with the SmartClub wine club system, and also with QuickBooks and ShipCompliant, for no additional fees,” affirms Weidler.

Designed by wine industry veterans, WineWare’s SmartClub is a standalone system, providing a powerful wine club management solution. With its easy order tracking feature, SmartClub not only simplifies management of monthly shipments and label printing, but also streamlines credit card processing, by quickly isolating declined members. With SmartClub, keeping track of club members’ personal information and communication history has never been easier. Gary Elliot of Driftwood Winery says, “Our wine club is over 1,000 and rapidly growing. It would not be possible to manage it without the SmartClub software. The integration has allowed us to do away with membership cards and identify members at the register with a driver’s license. That has stopped people from borrowing a membership card from a friend to get the club discount. With the club software we can do things in just a few minutes that used to take hours."

With WineWare Software being recently acquired by Granbury Solutions, one of the top POS and wine club solutions provider, the company’s future is all set with a solid foundation for growth of its products and service innovations. "We're excited to be a part of Granbury Solutions, and with all their resources we plan on offering greater products to our customers. This move definitely makes our services and product offerings so much stronger,” concludes Weidler.

Integrated e-commerce, POS, and mobile apps provide our customers with a complete suite of technology

WineWare Software

Paso Robles, CA

Jeff Weidler, President

Provides wineries with point of sale and wine club management systems to track inventory, sales and customer information.