Winfosoft: Providing Cloud Based Services And Industry Specific Solutions For Microsoft Dynamics AX

David Myers, CEO
Winfosoft is a consulting and software applications firm implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX for ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for CRM. Winfosoft also provides cloud services, business intelligence, and industry solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM. David Myers, the present CEO of Winfosoft, founded the company in May 2003 and named it Winfosoft which stands for ‘Winning Information Software.’

Headquartered in York, PA, Winfosoft is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. Its mission is to use its extensive industry experience to quickly and successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM with its industry solutions giving customers the competitive advantage needed to effectively compete and grow their business.

Winfosoft offers complete Cloud based computer managed care services for a customer’s private or hybrid Cloud requirements. Winfosoft offers Microsoft Azure as part of its Cloud Solutions. A private cloud, also known as an enterprise cloud is a dedicated hardware environment with a virtualization layer running on top. Only the customer has access to his physical environment and is able to add resources when needed and get utility billing based on their usage. Private cloud enables customers to achieve the ability to manage network and data centers, purchase all related hardware component and renew all software licenses, manage and support the hypervisor layer, provide new VM’s and assist in design, configuration, and deployment.

The company’s main strategy is to grow by providing and implementing industry specific solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM. Customers achieve a smoother, quicker and better return on their investment with implementing Winfosoft industry solutions.

Winfosoft works directly with clients to build industry specific solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM in its private and hybrid cloud environment

Winfosoft focuses on Industrial, Metals, Food and Beverage and US Defense Contract Audit Agency “DCAA” Professional Services and Manufacturing companies. Winfosoft has three unique industry software applications for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM which are the Metals Industry Module, Mobile Sales Direct Store Delivery Modules and the DCAA Compliance Module.

Winfosoft focus is North America, the Caribbean and Central America and supports global implementations.

A multinational organization, wanted the functionality of a tier one complete ERP system. They had the need for the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX for ERP and chose to do it with a complete Software as a Service “SaaS” model with Winfosoft. The company benefited with Winfosoft by not having to buy computer servers and a support team and saved on the initial cost of purchasing the software. This allowed them to focus on quickly and successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX in a cost effective way, while continuing to grow their business. "Our aim is to grow with cloud services and our industry specific modules,” says David Myers, CEO of Winfosoft. “We also aim at developing a partner channel for our own modules to get partners all over the world, who will resell our industry modules,” he adds.


York, PA

David Myers, CEO

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM with Cloud Based Services and industry solutions giving customers a competitive advantage to effectively compete and grow their business