WinMill: Managed Services to Support CA PPM Infrastructure

For firms that run many simultaneous projects and deal with a rotating staff, PPM software (Project Portfolio Management) is the bonafide key to ensure projects are aptly staffed, stay on budget, and are delivered on time. PPM solutions help to identify the potential setbacks that may occur in individual projects and align them with business strategies and organization priorities set by business executives. CA Technologies has been a major player in this space presenting a single platform that enables to manage your entire innovation lifecycle and make more informed strategic investments. WinMill Software, helps its clients with a matrix of integrated Managed Services to support the clients’ CA PPM infrastructure. “Our managed services program has been extremely popular with our clients,” says Kevin Kilgore, President, WinMill Software. “We provide high-touch, highly responsive, US-based services and have packages for companies of all sizes.”

Being a ‘Premier Partner’ of CA Technologies, Winmill has direct access to CA Technologies’ products, technical support and other internal sources which comes in handy while offering services to their clients. The firm designs a user adoption program, based on the clients PPM maturity, skills of their users, geographic distribution of the customers, and tailors it to meet their specific business requirements. The process is followed by the development of a PPM roadmap, which ensures that the CA PPM functionality implemented today will support the people, processes and technology of tomorrow. The company’s services range from basic CA PPM administration to complete end-to-end support with full-time staff.

The CA PPM Managed Services offer customers 40 hours of free training materials, in-depth PowerPoint presentations with detailed notes. The quick reference cards highlight the key training takeaways, which covers various areas of CA PPM, including Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Reporting. Alongside, the CA PPM Administration and Help Desk service enable clients to maintain their user security (including password management), jobs and job schedules (including timesheet posting) and enables them to seamlessly answer basic user questions, troubleshoot user issues, and facilitates end-to-end incident management.

The CA PPM Mentoring and Functional Support service allows the clients to accelerate business process development by supporting their roadmapping, release management solution design for future enhancements or releases.

Our managed services program has been extremely popular with our clients

Besides, the service also answers end-user PPM and process questions and easily tackles the project management troubleshooting related to MSP, Open Workbench and Clarity Gantt. The service also assists customers with formal and informal PPM and business process training to add more value to their organizations, with minimal investment.

WinMill also offers CA PPM Technical and Report Development, which enables users to coherently apply CA PPM patches and version upgrades to create or modify workflows, jobs, and scripts. Users can mentor their staff on technical best practices Jaspersoft expertise—reports, portlets and dashboards, data extract and report migration.

In an instance, WinMill assisted an athletic gear retailer with a PPM tool using a bottoms-up approach whereby the fundamentals of project management as well as financial management would be put in place prior to portfolio management. This enabled the customer to bring projects into alignment with corporate priorities before tackling the overall portfolio. The client could get the system up and running on CA PPM in just 30 days, deriving immediate value, with a framework and roadmap in place for implementing new functionality and onboarding new business units.

Forging ahead, WinMill will continue to provide innovative CA PPM solutions and help clients create environments of constant learning and operational improvement. “We look forward to continue our partnership with CA to enable clients manage their CA PPM solution in a cost-effective way,” concludes Kilgore.


New York , NY

Kevin Kilgore, President

Provides clients with a matrix of integrated Managed Services offerings to support the clients’ CA PPM environments