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Mark Steffen, Senior IT Consultant
Virtually every industry can benefit from the use of Microsoft Access and Excel to organize, store, and document their essential information. Organizations are effectively utilizing Microsoft’s legacy software to organize their data ranging from customer inventory to order details. With the release of the latest update, the speculation of Microsoft’s Access being phased-out has ended with its continued inclusion with Office 365 and the release of a Access 2019 under the traditional Microsoft licensing model. “The software is considered a ‘double-edged sword,’ in the eyes of CIOs because it enables non-professional programmers to create elaborate databases that run entire companies—certain IT departments resent this resourcefulness others embrace it,” explains Mark Steffen, Senior IT Consultant at Winning Solutions.

This is where Winning Solutions is carving out a niche. The company provides custom programming and database solutions for government entities, Fortune 1000 companies, and emerging businesses. Winning Solutions offers programs that support business executives who wish to program their own database or they will design and build the entire database from scratch. With the power of computer screen sharing software, the client can have a skilled professional programmer share a screen remotely with them to promptly solve any issues they are experiencing or cut the work entirely over to WSI. From the maintenance of existing databases to porting a database out of Access and into a modern Microsoft .NET application,.

“Winning Solutions works to support an organization’s existing programming staff and keep their Access databases updated to run on the latest versions of Windows desktop and server operating systems” states Steffen. Winning Solutions helps maximize both efficiency and profit by creating a comprehensive system tailored to the client’s needs using modern programming languages like VB. NET or C#. In addition, the company also offers a full selection of design and eLearning services where professional business consultants and database designers go through the step-by-step implementation process with the clients—creating specifications, workflow diagrams, providing accurate estimates, and long term support for the custom software it writes . The long-term customers have an option of availing services even on an hourly basis just by reaching out to any of the touch-points.

The firm boasts numerous success stories in its 22-years of experience in the custom programming and database space.

Winning Solutions helps maximize both efficiency and profit by creating a comprehensive system tailored to the client’s needs using modern programming languages like VB. NET or C# or a time tested tool – Microsoft Access

To illustrate, one of the firm’s longstanding clients had an Access database functioning as an ERP system that was specialized for their business. Their business was outgrowing their database and they were seriously considering the massive expense of buying a full blown ERP system like SAP. Winning Solutions re-built and enhanced their existing Access system for a fraction of the cost of a new ERP package. The Client projects that they can continue with their Access based system for at least another decade. Although the company makes recommendations about what tools are best for the client’s project, the customer possesses the freedom to determine what Winning Solutions develops. Whether the client needs a complete system configuration or help with specific issues in the database—Winning Solutions’ vast knowledge in database programming allows the client to quickly and cost-effectively mitigate any issues. “Organizations see real business value in being able to control their line of business applications that do the work in their company every day, we turn over the source code when the contract for each engagement is fulfilled. This gives WSI customers the freedom to employee a programmer to do future support and enhancement, hire another firm to do it but the majority of the time they come back to us, but we have to keep earning their business” explains Steffen.

Winning Solutions recently acquired the Olson Design Group, whose primary market is the creation of eLearning development strategies and products in all formats and across varying platforms. “We are expanding and cross-selling Olson Design Group’s training services into our customer base, and they are cross-selling using our database services— that is a big initiative for us in 2019, to maximize the synergy of the two organizations,” Steffen concludes.

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Mark Steffen, Senior IT Consultant

Winning Solutions (WSI) helps companies to maximize both efficiency and profit by creating a comprehensive system tailored to their IT needs. Whether clients are seeking a more accurate way to track the time employees spend on projects or a completely new system for conducting business, WSI can provide a unique solution tailored to your business model. The company offers a full selection of design services to fit the needs of each individual client such as programming services, data warehousing, Database development and more

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