Winshuttle: Innovative Solutions for SAP Data Management

Lewis Carpenter, CEO
The world’s largest companies use SAP to manage massive amounts of data that fuel mission critical business processes. While a single system can save time and money at the operating level, it can often interject data management complexities at the individual and departmental level. That’s where a company like Winshuttle comes in.

Headquartered in Bothell, WA, Winshuttle allows customers to automate business processes and design workflows to achieve the desired value from their SAP implementations. “We provide software products that can be used as individual tools for specific problems or collectively as a platform to solve a class of issues across the SAP arena and simplify business processes,” says Lewis Carpenter, CEO of Winshuttle.

Winshuttle helps customers maximize the return on their SAP investment by focusing on three core areas—integrating Excel with SAP, finance and master data management. Winshuttle provides business led, IT enabled solutions that allow the Line of Business (LOB) to rapidly collect, validate and integrate SAP data, without compromising on security, compliance or governance. Winshuttle’s Studio and Foundation solutions help customers optimize and automate SAP ERP data operations in a fast and flexible way.

Winshuttle Studio is an Excel-based product that automates data collection, validation and movement from SAP. Users reduce time spent on manual data entry by automating complex business processes, and can get up and running quickly using Studio’s familiar Microsoft Office interface. The Studio modules of Transaction, Query, Direct and Runner allow users to:

● Automate SAP transactions from Excel and Access without programming
● Make ad-hoc reporting accessible without compromising SAP security
● Simplify complex SAP data creation and change scenarios using Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI) without Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) programming.
● Run SAP processes easily and securely from a single tool.

“Studio enables firms to rapidly roll out desktop solutions, making SAP more valuable for more business users,” explains Carpenter. Winshuttle’s full enterprise product suite Winshuttle Foundation allows organizations to automate core SAP processes across entire departments.

Winshuttle software streamlines processes across the organization, giving business users easy to use tools for automation, while providing IT professionals with governance and control

Users can build and deploy business processes using a SharePoint solution for workflow and web forms, providing the flexibility needed to achieve innovation based on three core components:

● Process automation
● SAP integration
● A governance and administration platform

“Winshuttle software streamlines processes across the organization, giving business users easy to use tools for automation, while providing IT professionals with governance and control,” explains Carpenter. “Our customers are able to solve their most critical problems successfully in a fraction of the time, within budget.”

Winshuttle not only allows customers to save money, it helps them get their work done faster, and free up time for more value added tasks. Under Armour, an innovator in performance apparel, was able to take the burden of seasonal data updates off their IT department and improve the performance of SAP master data loading activities, using Winshuttle. After empowering business users to run the data transfers without IT intervention, Under Armour improved their seasonal data transfer process by 80 percent. They have since coined the term ‘Winshuttling’ to describe solutions that make their lives easier. “Winshuttle has become synonymous with problem-solving for the organization,” says Carpenter.

Winshuttle is launching a new platform for Studio and Foundation that promises a revolutionary SAP experience and enhanced architecture to bring innovation and enhancements to market much faster than ever before. Studio v11 was recently released at the Winshuttle User Group conference in Las Vegas, and Foundation v11.1 will be available in Q3 of 2016.

Find out more about what’s to come in Winshuttle’s Version 11 video


Bothell, WA

Lewis Carpenter, CEO

Provides software that enables business users to work with SAP directly from Excel, SharePoint, web forms and other interfaces