Wintellect: Building Better Software, Faster

Todd Fine, CEO
According to Todd Fine, CEO of Wintellect, a premium Microsoft partner and technology solution provider, the application development industry is traversing through a series of seismic changes. Companies keeping ahead of these trends are gaining a competitive advantage, while others are falling behind.

Fine notes that, today, cloud development has taken center stage as enterprises increasingly leverage the cloud to easily and flexibly scale, operate, and maintain their applications and systems at fractions of the cost required in the past. And on top of that, the cloud now offers new capabilities in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and DevOps that were previously cost prohibitive to implement but are now offered as easily consumable services from the cloud. Putting these capabilities in the hands of customers using Microsoft’s diverse toolsets and technology platforms, Wintellect specializes in building and implementing mission-critical applications and infrastructure for their clients.

Starting in 2000 as a developer training company, and rapidly becoming Microsoft’s #1 outside developer trainer worldwide, Wintellect today focuses a majority of its business on offering top-quality consulting services for app modernization, Azure Cloud, data analytics, mobile, and .NET development. Wintellect’s impressive track record has earned them many accolades over the years, including Gold Cloud Platform and Gold DevOps partner for Microsoft. And in 2016, Wintellect won the U.S. Gold Partner of the Year award from the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), the largest outside MS Partner group worldwide.

Fine asserts, “Though about 75 percent of our revenue is from our Consulting business, we continue to expand our training services.” Wintellect’s online learning platform, WintellectNOW, is the newest representation of their mission to provide superior services at an affordable cost. This on-demand e-learning service provides ready-to-use knowledge, tools, and techniques to help individuals and businesses proficiently develop software and apps—at the best value price point in the industry. WintellectNOW courses cover wide-ranging topics such as application development, programming languages, data analytics, and cloud, for novice as well as advanced programmers.

We employ a collaborative and transparent communication approach in every stage of the application development process

In the Consulting arena, Wintellect is recognized for its mission-critical architecture design and development prowess. Fine explains that the process begins with the sales team identifying prospective clients and assessing the business fit for an engagement. Once the sales team approves, the technical process begins, during which technical experts discuss with the client to understand the requirements and challenges. “We employ a collaborative and transparent communication approach in every stage of the application development process,” states Fine.

Fine provides an example of one of their current clients, a technology leader in smart water management, who wanted to create a cross-platform extension of their existing system that would work across all major devices such as iPhone and Android, leveraging the Xamarin technology platform. The customer wanted a solution that their programmers could easily maintain, and at the same time, have the user interface and performance of a native application for each device. Wintellect built the app using cross-platform shared code and was still able to leverage native features of the two mobile platforms, with Xamarin Forms supporting custom renderers and platform-specific services.

While Big Data and DevOps have been strategic focus areas for Wintellect, in the future Fine intends to expand their services into the public-sector market, and has already initiated development projects for government agencies in Georgia and Alabama. Looking ahead, Wintellect also plans to further augment its services in the Data and Analytics segments, which will have significant impacts on how applications and business systems will be developed in the future.


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Todd Fine, CEO

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