WinWire Technologies - Infusing Technology to Serve the Ultimate Purpose: Empowering Healthcare Companies to Save Lives

Ashu Goel, CEO
COVID-19 has speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years. WinWire is at the forefront of the healthcare industry’s – as well as other market sectors’ -- digital transformation. An immediate, unprecedented retooling of their compute infrastructure was needed to support the dramatic, unanticipated changes in patient care that the pandemic wrought.

The purpose-driven technology partner collaborated with healthcare organizations as well as other businesses to quickly develop solutions, so corporations could navigate complex global regulatory healthcare regulations and processes, advise employees about workplace safety, collaborate in new environments where employees worked remotely, and streamline workflow. The goal was to provide tools so healthcare companies delivered the best care possible to their patients during this turbulent time.

These business needs meshed with WinWire’s core mission: “We are a purpose-driven company, and there will never be a purpose more important than healthcare providers delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Ashu Goel, the CEO of WinWire. Purpose-driven companies focus more on how their products and services impact the world than the traditional profit-driven enterprise emphasis.

How work was done changed quickly and dramatically as the pandemic spread. Enterprises needed to move employees quickly out of company offices. WinWire worked with clients to deploy collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, which became the new way that work was done.

With half of its business coming from the healthcare sector, WinWire found that these companies, like businesses in other market sectors, faced a delicate balancing act. They needed to seamlessly upgrade their mission-critical, old-school infrastructure and applications to modern, more efficient, more powerful, often less costly digital solutions.

Data is key to the change. “We focus on leveraging data, no matter how simple or complex, to build innovative solutions that assure business growth and better outcomes,” explains WinWire’s Goel. The company joined forces with clients to develop a handful of new COVID-focused solutions.
AI-powered bots provide a noteworthy example of utilitarian technology that softened the blows dealt by the pandemic. Healthcare companies were overwhelmed with calls from members very concerned and had questions about the virus. To assuage their fears, the COVID-19 healthcare bot answer questions regarding COVID and its symptoms and reinforce preventive measures based on CDC and public health guidelines.

WinWire created an all-encompassing Return to Workplace (RTW) solution. Developed utilizing Microsoft’s bot framework, the solution provides information, so employers create safe workplaces for their staff. The cloud-based solution enables employees to conduct self-screening tests and receive guidance that facilitates a safe work environment. The solution tracks the quarantine periods of infected individuals, sends reminders, and provides regular updates as safety measures and treatments evolve. Through the power of AI, the solution automatically tracks employee movements and notifies an individual whenever they are in the vicinity of a COVID outbreak. As the pandemic evolved, the system’s tentacles were extended into virus prevention. “Recently, we developed a vaccination management solution that manages citizen registration, streamlines vaccine administration, and delivery,” affirms Goel.

The company developed a telehealth solution, so staff could deliver healthcare services remotely, safeguarding both parties during these crisis times.

WinWire’s collaboration with a biopharmaceutical company is another testimony to its state-of-the-art solutions. The client faced challenges in receiving regulatory approval for a medication that could treat severely ill patients worldwide. The new application streamlined regulatory approval by automating steps in the process.

Keeping purpose at its epicenter, WinWire pushes the technology envelope, empowers clients migrating from legacy systems to digital technology, and leverages data to create unique, game-changing solutions for its clients. Its unique positioning and highly experienced team members enable clients to transform their businesses and, most importantly make the world a better, safer place to live.

WinWire Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Ashu Goel, CEO

WinWire Technologies is a data-driven digital engineering company helping enterprises navigate the digital technology revolution. We help drive exponential growth and competitive advantage for our customers through aligning business value and digital transformation. We call it stitching the digital fabric with systems of intelligence. WinWire has extensive expertise across a range of digital technologies and delivers large enterprise solutions leveraging cloud, AI, machine learning, mixed/augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, security, and UI/UX to help clients harness business value