Wipro Healthcare & Life Sciences Combining Innovation with Expertise to Redefine Healthcare Delivery

TK Kurien, CEO
Wipro Healthcare & Life Sciences, is a business unit of the multinational IT consulting and system integration services firm Wipro, headed by T K Kurien, CEO. The company partners with big pharma, medical device manufacturers, payors and providers to not only help them meet current challenges but also anticipate and be ready for future needs. Wipro Healthcare & Life Sciences provides services to the healthcare sector with ample innovation and deep technology expertise. The company has a plethora of solutions for the healthcare sector that enable new business models, drive patient-centricity, ensure compliance and optimize process efficiency and cost Wipro supplements their solutions with big data and analytics services that add value to the solutions while propelling data-driven care and cost management.

Wipro’s ambitious initiative for the healthcare industry is centered around patients and their needs across the disease lifecycle Leveraging the company’s leadership position in enterprise apps and IT infrastructure, coupled with a deep understanding of “patient centric consumerization”, “digitization” and “compliance”, the company has grown its portfolio to include ‘Wipro patient-centric model’ solution and ‘Patient Engagement’, ‘Physician & Nurse’ and ‘Disease Awareness’ portals. These solutions ensure mobility of data across different platforms, enhance drug adherence, and enable remote patient monitoring. On the payor side, where there is an increasing need to personalize member experience, Wipro helps companies transform from a finance and indemnification institution to a health and wellness partner. The 25 plus years’ experience in managing both managed healthcare and Medicare areas has made Wipro a trusted advisor and partner to many clients including the largest Health Plan in the U.S.
As an example of how Wipro makes a difference, one of Wipro’s clients, a Midwestern U.S. State Department of Social Services that processes 100 million claims worth $6.3 billion annually, was facing problems with its Medicaid Management Information System. The inefficient architecture was causing huge delays of as much as two days in claims processing. On partnering with Wipro, the client wanted to achieve a paperless and automated claims processing system for. Wipro upgraded the client’s entire application landscape for enrollment, verification, point of sale (PoS) and claims payment, using a service-oriented architecture. Wipro developed, maintained and upgraded the client’s MMIS and Medicaid Internet site, e-Momed, and related online applications to address paper filing gaps. Along with that, Wipro also provided a full set of e-submission services to address selfservicing. As a result, the client achieved 99.75 percent paperless claims submission, as well as a huge reduction in processing time for claims.

With success stories like the above that fuel its growth, Wipro follows a multi-pronged approach to gain customers and stay ahead of competition. The company also invests heavily in research and development to create innovative solutions that surpass client expectations.

Moving forward, Wipro is heading to a wider perspective of the healthcare sector by sharpening its solution portfolio. The company is in active discussions with many leading health systems, payors and state health agencies on its digital patient and member engagement solutions, advanced healthcare analytics and innovative solutions like Google Glass Health.

Wipro Healthcare & Life Sciences

Bangalore, India

TK Kurien, CEO

Provider of digital patient support, remote patient monitoring, Medicare advantage platform on cloud.