WisdomEdge: Incomparable Value with Salesforce

Amy Murray, President
Wisdom takes you further, faster. Amy Murray, the President of WisdomEdge, a Salesforce.com consulting partner, should know this philosophy best. Her 15-year track record across the Salesforce ecosystem is what helps her deliver incomparable services—help clients soar above competitors and maximize the value of every Salesforce license. The exceptional insight, of Amy, into customers’ business processes and workflows, has helped bring a new level of productivity to organizations that are using Salesforce.com. Today, with over 500 completed engagements, WisdomEdge specializes in solving a diverse range of business problems with the cloud-based solution.

Assessing the current market scenario, Amy, points out that companies desire to give a great experience to their customers, but don’t know how to enable it across all their touch points and interactions. “An American Express survey showed 78 percent of buyers decided to walk away due to a poor experience. The great news is leveraging available wisdom with the #1 CRM platform will make a positive impact.” The human-centered approach has proven more effective than the more common technology-driven approach.

WisdomEdge works hand-in-hand with customers to devise their engagement process–with their users, partners, vendors, and clients. With a plan, the firm then executes, and validates the implementation of this process within the relevant Salesforce clouds/platform areas. “Equipping clients up front with what we term ‘flight planning’ and then collaborating together through the change management and adoption phases to see the project ‘land’ for their success,” says Amy.

Being a Salesforce product development organization (PDO) partner, Amy is also well positioned to shed light on the hurdles in bringing a product to life, “A product begins with a problem. How to solve this becomes an idea and yields many more questions and opportunities. This is the genesis of new capability being brought to life in the ecosystem.” Armed with her team of experts, Amy starts early with clients and helps them clarify the product/market and use cases.

A product begins with a problem. How to solve this becomes an idea and yields many more questions

“From there we guide ISVs through our UX inspired process of Discovery, Design, Deliver, & Delight to bring the solution to life,” says the veteran. Once their product goes to market, we support their users, their roadmap, and their alignment to the Salesforce App Cloud and user experience.

The personal UX focused approach and the broad expertise in the growing Salesforce App Cloud and Platform has helped the firm to sustain the edge in the race to the top. A testimonial to WisdomEdge’s expertise is success story of WealthHub—Trust Administration platform providers who were able to start with a proven CRM implementation designed and delivered by Murray. Today, their vision to bring a more paperless and proven process to Trust Management firms nationwide has become a reality, by turning the solution into a commercial product. “We delivered aspects of the product and worked with WealthHub’s internal team to provide PDO advisory services to maximize their own internal resources during the project,” says Amy. Additionally, she worked with Specright to deliver an innovative product for the packaging market utilizing the App Cloud, Communities, CRM, and web services. “We were delighted to work with the team including a founder of Salesforce, Dave Moellenhoff, who is an investor in Specright and a founding contributor to many of the technologies in use including Apex,” Amy adds.

The company invests in research-based user experience certification with the Nielsen Norman Group and embeds key elements into their culture. Examples such as developing personas, maintaining a human-centered approach, and rapid prototyping enable WisdomEdge’s clients to achieve a higher rate of adoption and loyalty. In the days to come, the company plans to continue investing in their own CRM platform so they know the experience of the users, admins, and business leaders intimately.


San Juan Capistrano, CA

Amy Murray, President

WisdomEdge works with clients to deliver exceptional outcomes with integrity and innovation on the Salesforce.com platform