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The rise of IoT is leading to rampant disruptions in many industries. The growing demand for intelligence-driven digital devices and communication networks has paved the way for wide improvements in software and hardware design and implementation. Although industrial firms and manufacturers achieve favorable results in their PoCs, transitioning these experiments into able industry-grade IoT products is easier said than done. They must ensure what they build meets not only user expectations but also has the right hardware and software combination to achieve the scalability, security, and reliability needs of a project. To that end, they require design thinking skills, comprehensive understanding of industrial systems, and deep software expertise. Finding the right talent in all these areas to achieve the goals, however, is quite daunting for most companies.

Founded in 2002, Witekio—earlier Adeneo Embedded— foresaw the heightened significance of efficient software systems, cloud, and the importance of aligning with modern tech developments. A company with deep roots in low-level software, Witekio offers full-stack software development as well as technology consulting, making it the perfect partner in building global software systems for high-performance IoT and embedded devices. “We guide our industrial clients in the design and development of innovative embedded and IoT systems with the guarantee of a stable and scalable architecture,” says Yannick Chammings, chairman and founder, Witekio.

Witekio takes the design thinking approach to aid clients in discerning the unmet needs and creates value from the insights generated during the discussions with their clients. Witekio has in-depth knowledge of cloud technologies, UX design, and hardware and system architecture. “Our experts anticipate all crucial aspects like power consumption, security, system update, and connectivity while building an IoT system,” says Sébastien Chaillot, CEO, Witekio. By promoting teamwork, collaboration, and idea generation, Witekio empowers clients to innovate with confidence while the embedded software company tackles the inherent risks related to market, project, and technology. The combination of smart technologies, strategic thinking, and exceptional project management defines Witekio’s enduring credibility in the embedded market. From serverless architecture to edge computing and edge AI to blockchain, the company’s competitive team strives to build on its strong knowledge of the embedded IoT innovation arena by investing in R&D.

We guide our industrial clients in the design and development of innovative embedded and IoT systems with the guarantee of a stable and scalable architecture

“In this way, we co-pilot clients’ IoT projects for maximum outcomes.”

One of Witekio’s clients, Evoca Group, a coffee vending machine manufacturer, had legacy software code which made it difficult for them to maintain and upgrade the machine with new capabilities. Besides overhauling the obsolescent software, the client also wanted to have an intuitive interface designed to enable a rich user experience. Witekio collaborated with Evoca Group to develop the end-to-end standard software platform from the ground up, including the various software components. They also provided a complete system software integration service, including both low- and high-level software development and support, and built an immersive graphical user interface. Enabling cloud-based remote interactions feature was also the other key accomplishment of the project.

The company’s unique engagement strategy is aimed at addressing the top IoT concerns such as security, IT integration, interoperability, and ROI. “In any project, Witekio follows a strategic approach of building the system architecture followed by developing the full stack of technologies. After a continuum of sprints and consistent feedback, the IoT solutions we build for our clients see the light of the day quicker than the industry norm.” says Samir Bounab, Chief Revenue Officer, Witekio.


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Yannick Chammings, Chairman and Founder, Sébastien Chaillot, CEO and Samir Bounab, CRO

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