WiteSand: Demystifying Network Asset Management

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Over the last decade, as the wave of digitization took over the business landscape, the typical idea of a ‘workspace’ underwent several transformations. Key drivers of this evolution are the rise in the deployment of more networking hardware, the proliferation of IoT, the increasing need for a more sophisticated employee experience, and the growth of remote work. However, as an organization grows in operations, makes acquisitions, and expands its footprint across multiple geographies, their C-suite is often confronted by IT networks characterized by complex, disparate systems from multiple vendors, each with its own proprietary overlay for monitoring and management. As a result, most businesses with large countrywide or global footprints end up having inconsistent networking deployments across their expansive operations. This inconsistency became a major problem in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic because the multi-vendor networking infrastructure pressured IT teams to perform extremely complex integrations just to consolidate day-to-day for their remotely working teams.

Simplifying the provisioning, security, and operation of enterprise networking with an innovative suite of SaaSbased solutions is California-based WiteSand. The company’s portfolio comprises its revolutionary intent-based zero trust network access control (NAC), wired and wireless provisioning, 360-degree network monitoring, and flow analytics. Aided by AI/ML, the solutions are all delivered from the cloud and designed to help clients mitigate their most prevalent networking challenges. “We eliminate on-prem software implementations and replace them with a unified and secure SaaS-based solution while allowing our clients to retain their existing networking hardware deployments,” says Praveen Jain, co-founder and CEO at WiteSand. An industry veteran, Jain’s track record demonstrates nearly 30 years of leadership experience across technology infrastructure, previously serving as an SVP at Cisco, an early member of Andiamo, VP of Engineering at Nuova, and founder at both Insieme Networks and Pensando.

Founded in 2019 by Jain, Raja Tadimeti, Chief Scientist and Madhava Cheethirala, VP of Engineering, WiteSand was created to help businesses to bypass the challenges driven by complex, multi-vendor networking hardware and software deployments. Today, owing to the unmatched success of its portfolio, the company has carved a sizeable place for its enterprise SaaS solution, through adoption by enterprises across a broad range of industries as well as deployment by managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver better services to their consumers. In fact, the solution’s multi-tenant architecture allows it to simplify the management of multiple business networks. “Our solution is designed to help any business looking to transform their networking infrastructure into a simple and consolidated experience, while our all-inone network management capabilities help MSPs save time and costs,” adds Jain.

Further discussing the core competencies of WiteSand’s solution, Jain elaborates on the product’s ‘Network TimeMachine’ feature, which enables users to gain a 360-degree view of all activity in the network.

We eliminate on-prem hardware and software implementations and replace them with a unified and secure SaaS-based solution while allowing our clients to retain their existing networking hardware deployments

And as the name suggests, the module consolidates all network activity, delivering data, analytics, and insights that enable the user to see all changes in the network at any given moment in time. Jain also mentions the module’s AI/ML-powered engine, which improves network analysis and prediction. “We have brought many disruptive modules to the market, but our Network Time Machine is consolidating those disparate silos of information into one rich contextualized data set, enabling IT teams with instantaneous, actionable debugging,” states Jain.

With such unparalleled capabilities, WiteSand has ignited several success stories since its inception. In one instance, the company assisted a customer in ensuring that their network was perfectly poised with respect to security and connectivity for the return of their remote working employees. For this project, WiteSand implemented its plug-and-play cloud-based NAC, which enabled the client to seamlessly connect and authorize personnel devices and quickly quarantine equipment that was compromised by malware. Similarly, WiteSand also helped a large retail industry client effectively segment their IoT deployments and ensure round-the-clock security from malicious activity. The WiteSand deployment aided the client in eliminating disparate and siloed networking tools and delivered a unified and easy-to-use dashboard to monitor and track the health and performance of their IoT assets across geographies.

Looking ahead, WiteSand plans to leverage the network and resources of its ever-growing portfolio of partners. This collaboration will help WiteSand penetrate additional markets and expand its clientele. From a technology perspective, Jain envisions a future where all enterprises are able to uplevel the efficiency, security, and manageability of their legacy multi-vendor networks through the company’s unified, clouddelivered portal. “We want to continue innovating our SaaS portfolio to help clients simplify their networking asset management processes through automation and data-driven insights,” concludes Jain.


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Praveen Jain. Founders

Offers a unified SaaS-based solution that provides a single interface to provision, secure, monitor, and analyze global enterprise networks.