WNS Global Services.: Tap the Gen Next Flyer to Fly High

The airline industry is constantly looking for ways to optimize a flyer’s experience. Whether it is thinking of an innovative way to iron someone’s suit during their time in the Lounge or sending them expensive rides to get them to the airport, airlines are competitive and maintain a razor sharp focus on what their customers need.

Years ago, they revealed their secret recipe to success was not embarking on the journey alone, but forging the right partnerships and walking the journey to business success together.

We manage more than 20 of the world’s leading airlines and some of the questions we often hear are: How can we create an ideal travel experience for the GenNext consumer? GenNext in our parlance stands for the three different segments of consumers… baby Boomers, Gen X and millennials, each demonstrating diverse consumer behavior patterns.

A certain pattern cuts across all three segments and that in our understanding is the propensity to change decisions instantly till assured of an unforgettable travel experience. Each segment might be on different points of the tech-savvy curve, but they are savvy all the same… savvy enough to look for offers, give instant reviews on social media, upgrade into a higher class on the plane using kiosks… they know what they want and won’t compromise till they get it. CIO Vendor
Therefore, every airline makes a promise. A Brand Promise. Unbreakable and unshakeable. It creates an entire persona around the promise and wants its customers to remember it for the promise.

As we all know, promises are never meant to be broken… even in business!

That’s where the back-bone or the realm of everything underlying a brand promise begins.

Strategic partnerships help deliver on that promise

Partners who can understand an airline as well as its in-house experts and employees… partners who can understand technology and help align with it… partners who can make the operations leaner so that the price points are competitive while maintaining the experience… partners who can help manage the challenging state this industry faces and still create new revenue streams.

We at WNS have myriad solutions created with a focus on the end-customer… the flyer! In turn, there are also many high-impact outcomes we have been able to create for the airline itself.

We support some of the leading airlines focus on their customers’ needs while we help drive process excellence across every function in their value chains.

• A leading European airline improved their revenue accounting function to deliver faster and accurate revenue data with greater transparency to promote better control at a reduced cost. Helped deliver revenue savings of GBP 102,000 through process mapping and operational cost reduction of 1 percent annually through process consolidation
• A leading North American travel group consolidated and standardized the fare filing process to achieve an improved fare filing accuracy of 94 percent within 24 months. This resulted in significant reduction of debit memo pay-outs by over USD 10 million
• World’s second largest online travel agency strengthened its offline revenue channel through WNS’ Sales Center of Excellence model, resulting in a rise in offline revenue by 50 percent. It also achieved 150 percent increase in sales conversion rate and 20 percent increase in revenue per call
• Leading Nordic region airline optimized its passenger revenue accounting process to achieve a 50 percent improvement in turnaround time and managing over 7.5 million exception transactions a year. Reduced the cost of revenue accounting operations by approximately 30 percent annually

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