Wombat Security Technologies: Teaching Employees ‘Secure Behavior’ in Face of Cyber Attacks

CIO VendorJoe Ferrara, President and CEO
The security landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years with cyber criminals trying to exploit the ‘human element’ more than the ‘IT loophole’ to target attacks on an organization. Phishing, malicious SMS, and infected media devices are increasingly being used as tools to breach the cyber security. Hence it is crucial to involve employees to fortify the cyberspace of an organization and this is where Wombat Security Technologies, a Pittsburgh, PA based company comes into the picture. Named after the rodent like creature famous for defending its borrow dwellings, the company was born from research at the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). They yielded a uniquely effective suite of cyber security software training technologies, which provided the foundation for Wombat’s line of products. The company develops the information security awareness and training software to help organizations teach their employees secure behavior. “Our Security Education Platform includes integrated knowledge assessments, a library of simulated attacks, and interactive training modules, which have measurably reduced the number of successful phishing attacks and malware infections,” says Joe Ferrara, President and CEO.

The Wombat Security Education Platform is purpose-built to deliver comprehensive security awareness and training that can be effectively and easily managed by the IT administrators. “This integrated platform gives access to the key components of our Assess, Educate, Reinforce, Measure methodology. The user can customize and send knowledge assessments and mock attacks, schedule interactive training assignments, run reports and measure results, communicate with employees, and more,” explains Ferrara. The platform helps employees understand the security threats in day-to-day situations and recognize the role they play in protecting the organization’s network, data, and assets. Through mock attacks, employees are trained to safely handle phishing and spear phishing emails, malicious SMS, and infected/ unauthorized portable storage devices without actually exposing an organization’s network to a real attack. If an employee fails to recognize a specific or set of attacks,
the platform automatically sketches the training program to help educate the particular employee about these attacks. “Our interactive training modules are designed to change behaviors within the organization, to help employees make the right decisions when they are face-to-face with security threats,” extols Ferrara.

While it is crucial to educate employees and improve awareness to reduce the risks, it’s equally as important to actively monitor the progress and results of the cyber security efforts employed by the organization. Wombat’s Security Education Platform reporting functions gather actionable data, and can use the results of mock attacks to evaluate how employees’ behaviors could negatively impact the security of an organization’s networks, data, and systems. “Our clients can use the results to plan and focus their future security awareness and training efforts,” remarks Ferrara.

We are ever committed to evaluating unsafe employee behavior and training them to change it to safer behavior

One of the Wombat’s clients, a large international equipment manufacturer based in Pennsylvania needed to come up with a security awareness program. Without an understanding to spot and avoid phishing emails and online traps, employees were falling for scam messages, clicking suspect Internet ads, and visiting malicious websites. Wombat’s approach resonated with the client’s objectives because it meshed with their desire to use education and awareness to drive behavior change while measuring results. Prior to the start of training, the client was experiencing 72 malware infections daily which in just four months into the program, dropped to 39 infections. “At Wombat, we think education is about more than sharing facts and figures. We think it’s about using knowledge to drive action,” says Ferrara. “We are ever committed to evaluating unsafe employee behavior and training them to change it to safer behavior,” he concludes.

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Joe Ferrara, President and CEO

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