WonderBi Analytics: Giving Enterprise Data Analytics Mobility

Nikhil Gundale, CEO
With data proliferation, enterprises are seeking innovative solutions to get best insights to drive the business. Data analytics, has become a foundation for business both large and small. As the business environment evolves, so must the data; in recent years, that has meant placing a greater focus on the mobilization of information and its use anytime, anywhere. Most businesses face challenges in collecting and analyzing the right data for their needs in an affordable, simple way.

WonderBi, an enterprise data analytics firm, works diligently to solve the issue of data mobility for a vast number of business customers by bringing exceptional user experience to data analytics. Nikhil Gundale, CEO, explains, “WonderBi was developed with a philosophy of mobile-first, which makes it a great experience for the business users and provides the opportunity for voluntary engagement with Data, anywhere anytime. Our company’s intuitive data visualizations make it possible to gain insights while you are on the move, in meetings, or while traveling.” The added mobility of enterprise data offered through WonderBi’s suite of services allows businesses the ability to adopt analytics into their operations easily, without the need for a significant investment or expert technology background.

Gundale explains more about the driving force behind WonderBi’s services, stating, “As a SaaS platform, we provide more sophisticated data visualizations and business intelligence capabilities at a marginal cost, compared to any other quick-implementation business tools.” Through a cloud user interface, intuitive insight into business operations can be gained, even for the novice user. Gundale continues, “We can integrate with various data sources, including Microsoft Excel, with our five easy steps process that allows for immediate access to the data. Security features are built in to protect that data which is delivered to mobile devices seamlessly.” The ease of the platform creates an impressive return on investment as users can quickly adopt the platform and use it to make critical business decisions on the go. WonderBi converts complex business data into very intuitive and engaging business insights and delivers it on the mobile devices to access it in online as well as offline mode. It gives quick and easy to understand business critical metrics, trends and outliers and KPIs to help effective decision making.

Our intuitive mobile reporting and data visualizations make it possible to gain insights while you are on the move, in meetings, or while traveling

One of the successes WonderBi has had recently was with an industrial bearings company. With sales executives placed throughout various locations, the need to track sales performance and product inventory was pressing. The company faced a common challenge of analyzing information delivered clumsily from their ERP system into spreadsheets—a cumbersome, chaotic, and time-consuming task. WonderBi had the opportunity to help them visualize the data in an intuitive manner, making interpretation to drive business decisions easy. In addition, WonderBi’s data analytics provided a way for executives to quickly access integral data before and after business meetings which gives subordinates and CXOs the ability to collaborate seamlessly.

WonderBi has focused its efforts on enterprise data analytics to truly assist customers to move ahead in their businesses, due in part to a unique Artificial Intelligence layer integrated within the product suite. Gundale explains, “This feature brings a great ability to get actionable business insights through data operations for reporting intelligence and executive virtual analytics assistance. They work in synch with one another, and they can be trained specifically to meet the needs of each customer.”

The company plans to continue its innovative drive, specifically in the space of AI, to produce data analytics in a way the user has never experienced before. With global expansion in mind, Gundale sees a bright future for the company as it remains a leader in offering engaging and intuitive analytics tools. He concludes, “We have a group of highly energetic, creative technologists and business experts who continually research how data can be used on a mobile platform. WonderBi exudes a level of commitment that makes it possible to deliver a world-class product for users.”

WonderBi Analytics

Irvine, CA

Nikhil Gundale, CEO

Empower businesses and executives who are on the move with ability to carry and analyze business data of any kind on the mobile devices in highly interactive way

WonderBi Analytics