WorkFlex Solutions, LLC: Optimizing Customer Service through On-Demand Contact Center Scheduling

Larry Schwartz, CEO
Delivering superior customer service is recognized as a key business strategy to achieve competitive differentiation. The rapid growth of customer service access options such as chat, text, and social media has created new forecasting and scheduling challenges for contact center administrators seeking to ensure high quality service across all channels. In response, many companies have embraced the use of work-at-home and multi-skilled “Omni-Channel” agents to enable them to more quickly respond to increasingly unpredictable intraday call volume patterns. Because monitoring and addressing intraday staffing and performance variances is largely a manual process, however, the full benefit potential of these response-initiatives has yet to be fully realized.

The emergence of Millennials as the dominant contact center workforce demographic has created additional challenges in agent recruitment and retention. For an industry that traditionally limits agent scheduling flexibility it is no wonder that average contact-center turnover rates exceed 50 percent and are on the rise. Intelligent Intraday Automation technology pioneered by WorkFlex Solutions is helping companies deliver superior intraday performance while reducing agent turnover. WorkFlex technology automates intraday management processes to maximize staffing agility, and agent self-scheduling empowerment.

For instance, when a major Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) elected to significantly expand their deployment of work-at-home agents they turned to WorkFlex. The WorkFlex Agent Suite includes an intelligent mobile app that empowers agents with the flexibility to instantly change their schedules anywhere/ anytime while ensuring that each change actually helps optimize staffing levels. The technology accurately identifies future staffing gaps and converts projected staffing shortfalls and overages into pre-approved extra-hour and time-off opportunities that can be instantly confirmed. The more schedule-changes agents select, the more staffing gaps they help address. The impact on agent satisfaction was dramatic with positive survey scores related to scheduling flexibility. The operations impact was truly transformative; with over 90 percent of all schedule-changes being agent-initiated and automatically approved, intraday staffing variances were cut in half and agent utilization improved by more than 4 hours per-agent per-month.

“The WorkFlex Mobile App effectively eliminates the business trade-off between giving agents the schedule-change empowerment they really want and the cost to deliver that empowerment,” said Larry Schwartz, CEO, WorkFlex Solutions.

By transforming agents into active workforce management partners, the WorkFlex Mobile App delivers work-life balance empowerment for agents and reduces intraday workload for workforce administrators at the same time

“By transforming agents into active workforce management partners, the WorkFlex Mobile App delivers work-life balance empowerment for agents and reduces intraday workload for workforce administrators at the same time.”

Another global company was experiencing significant schedule and Average Handle Time (AHT) adherence issues within its credit-card and retail-banking programs that created long customer service wait times that detrimentally impacted customer satisfaction. They deployed the WorkFlex Manager Suite real-time adherence alerting feature to automatically generate alerts when agents came back late from breaks or when an agent’s AHT significantly exceeded expected norms. Agent utilization and AHT improved by 16 percent.

A key to the rapid adoption of WorkFlex technology lies in its deployment process. WorkFlex products are designed to “plug in” to existing WFM systems, to extend their capability footprint to include automated intraday management. This approach enables clients to leverage their existing IT investments and deploy WorkFlex with minimal operational disruption.

WorkFlex technology has been deployed across multiple industry segments including financial services, healthcare, telecom, automotive, cable/sat and government.

With its culture centered around “continual innovation,” the company is poised to unveil new enhancements to its industry-unique “on-demand contact center scheduling” offering. It is no wonder that Forbes recently predicted that “WorkFlex will shape the future of customer experience in 2016.”

WorkFlex Solutions, LLC

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Larry Schwartz, CEO

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