workMETHODS: Building the Right IT Solutions for Critical Business Challenges

Shirish Bendre, Senior Director, Professional Services
Microsoft SharePoint, a leading collaboration and content management framework, is often mistaken by several organizations as a finished product. This leads to underwhelming ROI and limited usability. According to Shirish Bendre, Senior Director, Professional Services at workMETHODS Solutions, if these organizations can treat this as a platform, they can see the power SharePoint brings to their organization. “WorkMETHODS is convincing its customers by building powerful business application using SharePoint as a platform. In a nutshell, we have built a strong community of happy SharePoint users,” says Bendre.

workMETHODS is a global software and consulting services company that provides innovative turnkey solutions based on SharePoint, Dynamics and .NET. The company provides three primary services viz. IT Strategy, IT Turkey Solution, and IT Managed Services. Over past 10 years, the company has built several collaboration, content management and CRM solutions for fortune 500 as well as start-up companies.

The company helps organization increase their SharePoint ROI. For example, a large State University faced challenges to manage and sell the educational content such as business cases, technical notes, videos, simulation, and others. Converting content based on consumer requirements was expensive and prone to errors. Also, distributing the content electronically on a pre-defined schedule was labor-intensive. The State University hired workMETHODS to build a solution to improve the productivity. Using SharePoint 2013 as a platform, workMETHODS built a powerful solution to automate most of the activities. workMETHODS’s SharePoint 2013-based solution helps the administrators define rules through a web interface. The solution reduced the process time from 1 week to 15 minutes! WorkMethods also built a .NET based eCommerce solution to sell this content. workMETHODS continues to host and manage all these solutions.
The company implements solutions, which streamline processes. For example, a large telecom company was using traditional Office Products to manage several hundred projects. workMETHODS built a SharePoint-based solution in matter of weeks. This solution significantly improved project budgeting, cost analysis and management reporting activities. Presently, workMETHODS is building a Contractor Management System based on SharePoint at the same client.

Another example of workMETHODS satisfied customers is a large pharmaceutical company. Its telemedicine device manufacturing division was managing their customer complaints through a legacy ticketing system. The system was not scalable enough to support the explosive growth and changing business model. workMETHODS’s professionals laid out a plan for a phased implementation of a Microsoft SharePoint-based ticketing system. Additionally, they recommended the new system to be integrated with an IVR system that could handle the calls. Through the IVR system, the callers could create a new ticket, obtain status on a current ticket, or add details to an existing ticket.

Our partnership with Microsoft has given us confidence and the clients an assurance that their business is in best hands

Since its inception, the company has been witnessing new heights of growth and now plans to further strengthen its presence in Higher Education and spread its roots into other verticals. For the road ahead, they are improvising their products and solutions to cater to a growing clientele, expanding offshore. “We are looking forward to talking to organizations who want to improve their SharePoint ROI. We will help them become faster, better, smarter organizations through our SharePoint solutions.” concludes Bendre.


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Shirish Bendre, Senior Director, Professional Services

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