WorkRails: Streamlining the Selling of Professional Services

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Jamie Proctor, CEO
WorkRails makes the process of buying and selling professional services as easy as shopping online. The New York-based company helps its clients streamline all aspects of the sales process through automation, enabling them to close deals faster, accelerate revenue, and reduce churn.

“We are all used to shopping online, searching for what we need, putting it into a shopping cart and checking out,” says Jamie Proctor, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkRails. “That’s what we accomplish with the selling of services.”

From creating compelling ecommerce-style sales catalogs to building Statements of Work, setting up guardrails, and drafting perfect quotes, WorkRails enhances the services configure, price, quote (CPQ) process, from start to finish.

Most clients who use WorkRails struggle with speed, accuracy and/or keeping up with the volume of complex statements of work (SOWs). Their processes typically consist of Excel sheets, Word templates and email threads from the initial discovery of service needs to configuring, pricing, quoting and approval. Selling professional services is not easy, and using a manual process leads to data errors, misquoting, and a timeline that can take up to 5 weeks from start to finish, significantly delaying sales cycles. This burden of manually creating SOWs creates internal friction, silos between teams, and creates a negative experience for prospects due to extended timelines, multiple revisions due to misquoting, and poor delivery of services.

WorkRails solves this problem with its automated CPQ sales platform, purpose-built to address the selling of services, subscriptions, upgrades, and renewals.

What sets WorkRails apart is its content management system (CMS), which breaks complex services into their individual components so they can be organized with the click of a few buttons. This creates a level of automation that WorkRails’ clients didn’t believe was possible.

The CMS is connected to a service catalog, which delivers an ecommerce experience by productizing complex services and enabling clients’ teams and their customers to quickly and easily search for and filter the services they want. By allowing clients to sell their entire catalog of services in a repeatable, scalable manner, WorkRails standardizes the sales process.

WorkRails helps get everyone in a company, from professional services teams, sales professionals, and customer success teams to end customers, on the same page by standardizing all service offerings on its digital platform and allowing everybody to consume services easily. This reduces the need for back-and-forth communications across departments, eliminates silos, and speeds up the overall process.
By providing clients with complete control over the content in the CMS, WorkRails ensures a risk-free experience. For example, when a salesperson interacts with the digitized service catalog, they can’t make a mistake because they have to follow the rules and workflows set by the company’s professional services experts. This means they won’t misquote or match a customer with the wrong service offering.

WorkRails doesn’t interfere with the processes and systems clients already have in place, such as a CRM, product CPQ, project management or professional services automation tools. Instead, WorkRails allows clients to replace their manual processes with an automation platform that can integrate with existing, well-functioning systems.

We are all used to shopping online, searching for what we need, putting it into a shopping cart and checking out. That’s what we are trying to accomplish with the selling of services

For example, WorkRails Services CPQ is designed to fully integrate with Salesforce, allowing companies to improve efficiency and streamline workflows.

WorkRails proved highly beneficial for Smarsh, a software company in the communications monitoring and compliance space. Their customers include heavily regulated businesses, such as financial services and insurance providers.

When onboarding a customer, Smarsh had to ask hundreds of questions to match them with the right services, which was very time-consuming. With WorkRails, Smarsh was able to standardize and automate this process, preparing an accurate quote for customers in minutes rather than weeks.

Another success story is Ceridian, a WorkRails client in the human resources software and services space. Ceridian uses WorkRails to allow end users to log into a digital portal, discover what they need through a set of guided questions, and get a services package prepared. WorkRails helped optimize how Ceridian interacts with customers, reducing the time it takes to get from customer request to signature.

WorkRails’ ultimate goal is to reinvent how software companies sell professional services to their customers, making these services accessible to everyone, not just the experts.

“People buy more if you make it simple,” Proctor says.


Huntington, NY

Jamie Proctor, CEO

From creating compelling ecommerce-style sales catalogs to building SOWs, setting up guardrails, and drafting perfect quotes, WorkRails enhances the entire services configure, price, quote (CPQ) process from start to finish