Worksoft: The High ROI of Automated Business Process Validation in SAP Environments

Jim Kent, CEO
The pace of technology change has never been faster, and companies have to be agile or face obsolescence. This compels firms to deploy changes to their enterprise apps quickly, and with very high quality the first time, every time.

“SAP is the single largest software investment for many companies. And it needs to work flawlessly every day to support global business, even when updates are made,” said Jim Kent, CEO, Worksoft. “SAP projects need to be completed on time, on budget, and business processes need to function as expected. Automation can help ensure that,” he said.

Worksoft automation helps SAP companies increase operational efficiency, improve business agility and achieve cost savings, all while mitigating technology risk. It’s the only software company with a business process-centric approach to process validation and discovery.

Automated Business Process Validation (ABPV) helps companies ensure that their business processes work—end to end, across all technologies, and across global operations. Worksoft provides the automation technology to ensure that every critical business process works at all times in this high change environment.

As a long-time SAP partner, Worksoft has extensive expertise in SAP business processes and SAP technologies—and grasps the challenges that go along with implementations, upgrades, and consolidations. Worksoft has helped hundreds of the Fortune 1000 achieve dramatic ROI results with automation.

A recent IDC survey of 12 large Worksoft customers revealed significant benefits delivered by automation. The companies had invested in automated BPV solutions for SAP environments and the study found that on average, the organizations earned an ROI of 537 percent and broke even on their investment in 11.9 months, for benefits worth $13.59 million over five years. Some of the other benefits included accelerated IT projects, faster test cycles by 39 percent, and reduced productivity losses from defects entering production environments by 43 percent. Large SAP customers found that Worksoft enabled faster innovation and increased staff productivity with savings of 54,844 hours per year through automation!

When you look at the strategic benefits for the business, it means faster innovation and high quality execution

“We continue to see large SAP companies turning to automation and realizing high ROI,” said Kent. “Enterprises are seeing the value and capturing the enormous benefits of automation. It’s a sea change in the way people look at business process quality and deploying new technologies. We expect these findings to accelerate the shift to automation as companies replace costly and fragmented manual quality assurance activities with automated business process validation. With these numbers, it’s inevitable,” he said.

For SAP customers, the largest part of an implementation project is testing. With Worksoft, implementation teams gain the bandwidth to deploy multi-site SAP rollouts in parallel. This opens up a whole new approach to delivering projects with reduced costs and dramatic time savings. “When you shorten project timelines, you can do more projects, you can do them faster, and you can gain a competitive advantage by getting new technology into the hands of business users more quickly,” said Kent.

Worksoft Certify® is the industry’s top ranked automation technology for SAP environments. Worksoft Certify automates the validation and functional testing of mission-critical processes end-to-end across complex application landscapes, including web, big data, mobile apps, hybrid cloud environments, and dozens of non-SAP enterprise applications.

In today’s system landscapes, ABPV is becoming the new standard. “The financial benefits are compelling, whether you look at the ROI, the payback, or the $11 million net present value of automation. But the total benefits are much greater than that— when you look at the strategic benefits for the business. It means faster innovation and high quality execution,” said Kent.


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Jim Kent, CEO

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