World Synergy: Leveraging Microsoft to Augment Customer’s ROI

Glenn Smith, CEO
One of the biggest problems we see in the industry today, are IT companies focused too much on technology without understanding the needs of the customer. That often lead CEO’s, CIO’s and their organizations in the wrong direction,” according to Glenn Smith, CEO of World Synergy.
Smith continues, “we often see IT recommendations that are strictly budget driven. The problem is that today's digital transformation often demands immediate IT initiatives to not only gain new customers but retain their current business. That is why IT programs like ours, are so vital to most customers.
World Synergy sees many other IT challenges for companies. Besides the growing demands to standardize technology, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies, they have to be concerned with disruptions such as the surge of “the internet of things (IoT)” and Web-scale IT. Ever since the Client-Server era, the world has been dealing with the integration of heterogeneous hardware and software environment. In responding to these challenges, most companies do not have the resources to staff and maintain their current IT infrastructure, yet alone plan for their future. This is where World Synergy steps in; assisting underserved clients in the small to mid-sized business space.

According to Smith “Forward thinking CEO’s know their customer drives the train, while the rail may be digital; their customers are not. CEO’s now know they need a firmly integrated CIO, CMO, and CAO team to solve these problems.”

World Synergy views its customer’s technology as a multi-faceted and extremely dynamic environment. “Our process is to start with their business needs and strategic vision before tackling their current IT concerns. We view ourselves as a member of their executive team and in our role we act as our customers virtual CIO,” adds Smith. Our virtual CIOs work with our customers Chief Executives on their strategic initiatives, striving to make alignment between technology and their business goals more transparent.

As their virtual CIO, World Synergy guides customers through a determined level of connectedness with security and availability.The firm’s strategic multi-year roadmap approach, allow customers to address technology disruption and still plan and budget accordingly.
Since the company’s inception 17 years ago, World Synergy has been building state-of-the-art marketing, technology and application services that are needed in most businesses today. The company understands that IT supports many business functions so when they approach businesses that need IT services, they start with their “CMO hat on” and ask about the customer’s demographics and personas. “Our business model places our virtual CIOs, CMOs and Chief Application Officers (CAO) on the team at a client and discuss the proper road map with our customers before launching into a particular platform or solution,” opines Smith.

This unique C-suite Service model, focused on providing integrated CIO, CMO, and CAO services, serves a client’s employees and their customers very well. “We provide a blueprint and implement strategies that can integrate the digital presence with sales and marketing because we understand all the critical questions to ask and the key areas to focus on.”

Forward thinking CEO’s know their customer drives the train while the rail may be digital; their customers are not

A variety of companies across different industries has utilized World Synergy’s solution for improving their business. For example, one of the World Synergy’s clients required building a service platform to connect all of their 63 offices around the country. World Synergy helped them build a “Virtual Office” SaaS platform using Microsoft SharePoint and ASP.NET with a series of sophisticated web applications and web-parts that would permit them to service better their over 10,000 customers worldwide. The backend is connected with Microsoft’s Active Directory Federated Services to allow easy administration.

Going forward, World Synergy will continue to strengthen our CIO with integrated sales marketing and applications development. We will always start with understanding our customer’s needs and how providing and integrating state-of-the-art services to make them better companies,” concludes Smith.

World Synergy

Solon, Ohio

Glenn Smith, CEO

Company that shapes integrated technology strategies with marketing and applications services to increase customer’s performance and ROI.