Worldwide Chain Stores Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions to Increase Profitability

Joshila Makan, CEO
Due to the exigent demands of consistent innovation, consumer awareness, and customer service—to maintain a balance between the level of service provided and keeping the cost down—the supply chain management system has always been in need for constant reformation and advanced solutions. The system also faces the challenge wherein Business Intelligence analysts find it difficult to handle the information required in a timely manner. Worldwide Chain Stores (WCS), headquartered in Surrey, UK, is a provider of supply chain solutions and expertise, focusing on improving the performance and profitability of a supply chain. “With the advanced technological methods in the grocery supply chain and our ability for running, managing, and optimizing distributions, we help industries to resolve their supply chain complications,” emphasizes Joshila Makan, CEO, WCS.

WCS is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider and their flagship products for chain stores compose of Forecasting, Procurement, Warehouse Management, and Labour Management System, which are considered as the four modules that make up the next generation chain stores offerings. Significantly, the solutions WCS provide works on a sophisticated platform, it is databaseindependent, supports complex distribution operations, including the control and management of inventory, customer service, optimization of space, and management information. Among the core solutions, the Procurement module system provides buyers and management the ability to control purchasing function and is designed to allow an organization to operate with the least amount of inventory while maintaining the management mandates and service level goals to increase productivity. The system also handles customer orders— placing, adjusting, and releasing it to the WMS. The Warehouse Management module employs business logic to support complex distribution operations without any heavy implementation services. Moreover, the Labour module application manages warehouse labour in an efficient and consistent technique—labour standards for each work-type, which administers the individual employee performance through tracking, using a work plan, and scheduling.
The company believes in ensuring the right technological foundation is in place, in order to stay ahead of the competition and to be flexible. Particularly through industry consultancies and leadership programs, WCS helps businesses in developing better customer relations and to keep up with the news and trends in the industry, which also makes them unique and realistic in their services. WCS industry’s experience spans retail, distributors and wholesale, manufacturing, and 3PL.

WCS supply chain looks at providing services for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors in food industry. “We have helped industries basically from a functional enhancement perspective by providing them efficiency and ROI to businesses,” affirms Joshila. Nisa (National Independent Supermarkets Association), the prominent retail industry in the UK decided to move to WCS, in 1994, for an ambient warehouse software solution. This helped Nisa to provide a reliable and rugged solution to their critical 24/7 ambient warehousing operation. In 2009, Nisa wanted to standardize the operation at its different sites. WCS supported Nisa to implement and support the high-level of functionality needed to run the business costs effectively, at the lowest possible risk.

Joshila believes that WCS has a prolific future ahead, considering its impressive heritage and their advanced products and solutions which empower its customers to optimize their operations and support their business goals. Over the next few years, the company is looking forward to strategize their label of Grocery Wholesale Vendor, supporting the food industry through its refined services.

The WMS products we provide works on a sophisticated platform, supporting complex distribution operations

Worldwide Chain Stores

Surrey, UK

Joshila Makan, CEO

A supply chain solution-provider, focusing at improving the performance and profitability for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.