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CIO VendorRobert Schroeder, President & CEO
The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) business front is an area which experiences consistent increase in the number of retailers every year. This industry faces many challenges that include, finding optimal supply routes for shipments, shrinking windows between client inquiry and end-user demand, and frequent changes in compliance requirements. Such dilemmas make it harder for supply-chain companies to create and implement customized solutions for their clients. WSI, a provider of supply chain solutions and logistics company based in Wisconsin, has been able to address these and other challenges seen in the field by providing third party logistics (3PL) services and meeting the technological needs to ship orders with a lower margin of error thereby helping shippers avoid fines and other penalties. The need to keep track of the ever-changing compliance requirements and the rise in the number of retailers has also turned the CPG market into a challenging field in which to work. To address this, WSI provides warehouse services that include labeling, document creation, and vendor compliance on shipments handled. They also manage the repackaging of bulk goods into smaller units, kitting, and arranging necessary paperwork for the same. WSI also has a team that ensures that the packages to be shipped are compliant with the latest shipping requirements. Packages which do not comply with shipping requirements invite chargebacks and other penalties that eat away client profits. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of retailer and shipping compliance requirements, WSI is able to quickly deploy custom solutions for clients using industry-standard products in addition to helping clients avoid such penalties. “Our commitment to our clients ensures that we are working daily to integrate technology and service experience to meet product requirements by end users,” says Robert Schroeder, President and CEO of WSI, who has over thirty years of experience in the logistics industry. His wisdom and deep comprehension of client needs were elemental in pushing WSI from a local warehousing company to a national-level logistics firm of repute.

There are many instances to highlight WSI’s services to its clients. For example, when a specialty cookie manufacturer needed to build their new distribution channel, they approached WSI.
By utilizing both in-house resources and those of other 3PLs, WSI was able to create an optimized distribution network, which helped the client save 40-45 percent on shipping costs. The team also formulated in-depth training modules to ensure consistent performance and a smooth transition. Improving pallet configurations and maximizing space efficiency created additional gains as well. This stellar range of services offered by WSI and their sharp focus on B2B and B2R activities, have attracted many illustrious clients over the years like Kimberly-Clark Corp., Georgia-Pacific, Yes To Carrots, Namaste, SCA Tissue, Miller Electric, and RR Donnelley. This strong client base is further augmented by the strategic placement of WSI’s business locations, which span across eleven states and cover a total area of thirteen million square feet.

Our commitment to our clients ensures that we are working daily to integrate technology and service experience to meet product requirements by end users

For the future, WSI plans to add more retailers to their list of receivers and expand their cloud-based solutions as well. The traction seen in the CPG market around areas of health, beauty, and food is predicted to open niches for new companies to provide specialized products, which in turn will have newer compliance requirements. WSI is poised to help these companies meet such demands and optimize their supply chains. “The ability to utilize EDI, provide ASNs and other digital submissions means that our clients have a cutting-edge 3PL on their side to assist with the challenges of the industry,” concludes Schroeder.


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Robert Schroeder, President & CEO

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