Wyless: Empowering Businesses to Realize the Potential of M2M and IoT

Mike Coffe, CEO
With an exponential growth in M2M market, mobile operators are looking at it as a major source of revenue. However, they face technical challenges in providing connectivity to potentially millions of different kinds of devices. The operators need to adopt new business models to exploit the M2M opportunity. “No single operator can provide sufficiently flexible services or high levels of technical expertise in order to successfully deploy and manage innovative M2M applications,” comments Mike Coffey CEO, Wyless. To resolve this issue, Wyless—a provider of M2M wireless connectivity solutions has developed a solution that enables organizations to transition between multiple mobile operators. The company offers global wireless connectivity via the most secure and resilient network infrastructure. “We have created a set of tools through our M2M service model that provides effective solutions, be it lifecycle management, engineering services, or customer development,” says Coffey.

Wyless offers an M2M management software called Porthos that integrates with 20 mobile network operators worldwide and provides a ‘one window on your world’ experience that allows users to monitor their connected device. Customers can log in to their account, pay bills, and address their issues through one common platform. Porthos enables customers to order new SIMs, suspend or restore their existing SIMs, and activate and deactivate devices across organizations as per their convenience. Since many organizations need secure connectivity of mobile networks on any device, Wyless’s private network allows organizations to utilize connectivity that ensures good coverage via secure 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

The experience of Wyless team in providing data connectivity is leveraged by various organizations across the globe. Porthos provides complete control over an organization’s services and connected devices. With unsurpassed technical expertise and dedicated customer support, Wyless empowers customers with a comprehensive suite of professional services.
“We have strong rapport with network operators around the world and always offer the most competitive pricing possible. We also help organizations deploy their M2M applications and services faster, cheaper, and more efficiently,” asserts Coffey.

We have strong rapport with network operators around the world and always offer the most competitive pricing possible

Wyless services enable customers to make use of network connectivity and assure that users receive the best coverage no matter where they are deploying. Wyless implementations assures that the most effective security policies are in place to secure virtual private networks and assure data is never exposed to public internet.

In an implementation highlight of Wyless solutions, TotalTrax, a provider of real time products for manufacturing and warehouse operations, chose Wyless for procuring efficient network solutions. TotalTrax had many fleet operators who were unable to receive the benefits offered by the company as they didn’t have IT’s approval to make use of their existing Wi-Fi networks for data transfer.

Wyless then implemented wireless networking solution based on cellular technology that quickly resolved the problem. TotalTrax’s customers had to pay only small monthly data plan charge per site to access the network. Wyless’ services simplified operations, accelerated adoption of management technologies, and retained fleet visibility and control.

Going forward, Wyless is focusing on expanding their business to wider markets. The company is planning to develop new technologies in order to meet the expectations of customers. Also, it is set to recruit expertise that will help Wyless provide great network connectivity and services across the globe.


Lawrence, MA

Mike Coffe, CEO

A global M2M managed services provider that helps organizations connect to multiple mobile operators and provide secure network infrastructure.