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Frank Gomez, Founder and CEO
Market gaps are nothing but opportunities disguised as unmet needs that no one is adequately serving. Quite often, these gaps come at an inflection point if one’s paying attention. For Frank Gomez, when this opportunity arrived, he was ready to heed the call. The technology visionary and strategic hands-on executive with over 20-year track record was inspired to empower people with technology.

Gomez founded WytCote Technologies—a company offering custom technology and real solutions for enterprises to thrive in an evolving global marketplace—to put an end to the disparate communication and reporting challenges.

WytCote has developed the Autobahn™ of IoT solution to integrate a virtually limitless variety of devices, sensors, alarms, and monitoring systems/software to the existing systems in an enterprise and allow bringing data from disparate sources together in one solution. “The Autobahn™ of IoT was essentially designed to bring all of these technologies together and help people function better by leveraging the recent advances in technology,” says Gomez.

During the early days of WytCote’s launch, Gomez was confronted with personal challenges when his father experienced serious health issues. While undergoing a simple medical test his father was given medication to which he was severely allergic. As a result, his father experienced what was the first of three cardiac arrests. Over the subsequent days and weeks—again at the hands of Doctors, nurses and caregivers—additional mistakes occurred that caused his father’s condition to become tragically worse. “These series of events took place not because people did not care, but because the systems and the technology in place did not really talk to each other,” recalls Gomez. These same doctors and staff were [literally] operating in an environment where reliance upon things like spreadsheets and post-it-notes contributed to what was apparently, fractured communications, at best. This experience was all the inspiration Gomez needed to drive him and his team to create WytCote’s SeniorSense™ solution—directed at ‘empowering people’ to deliver best-in-class care to Seniors everywhere.

Specifically designed for assisted living and memory care communities to help them leverage the best-in-breed technologies, SeniorSense™ enables care providers to track their residents’ physical locations in and out of the community, detect falls and moisture levels, and other activities and critical events—all in real-time. It can also help monitor their staff, assign them tasks, and track their progress. Additionally, with SeniorSense™, care providers can monitor physical plant conditions such as room and water temperature as well as battery life levels on wearables, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors. “SeniorSense™ is a holistic solution, comprising not only software but also hardware that we implement to engage the staff in these communities in a meaningful way,” adds Gomez. For effective reporting, WytCote also brings in a system called CareTab™ installed in each resident’s room, whereby the caregivers can record/report actual care rendered in real-time—made ultra-easy—by use of simple icons and drop-downs that address each specific type of care being performed.

Gomez also underscores that WytCote is more than just a software solutions company. “We are a total solutions company that not only delivers software to the facilities and the communities but also takes the responsibility of implementing the software and making sure it works,” he informs.

We are a total solutions company that not only delivers software to the facilities and the communities but also takes the responsibility of implementing the software and making sure it works

He goes on to mention that the conception of the solutions from WytCote was driven by three essential challenges that led to the development of the KPIs. The first challenge was to notify the care provider and trigger an action in an event where an elderly person experiences a fall. The second was the lack of immediate reaction to take care of the incontinence event or sedentary activity. Lastly, the sticking point for residents’ families boiled down to reporting conditions of change, sudden onset of dementia, or different situations that may affect the elderly or the senior communities. The WytCote team worked closely with industry experts, and brought a full-time gerontologist onboard to bolster their knowledge and understanding as to “what’s meaningful with regard to technology applications within the senior communities.” This collaboration set the tone to create a holistic solution that combines hardware and software to meet the unique needs of the elderly and senior care facilities. Team WytCote assesses the communities and implements high bandwidth wireless solutions along with their hardware in different devices, such as wearables used by caregivers and residents for communication. The solutions come packed with the highest level of security, end-to-end encryption, and adhere to current HIPAA regulations.

To further enhance a resident’s overall quality of life, WytCote is now developing specialized monitoring solutions—Senseer Care™—to offer personalized care anywhere. SenseerCare™ seamlessly integrates with SeniorSense™ to offer a range of individualized solutions to accurately track symptoms and prescribed treatment regimens associated with specific conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, Dementia, Dehydration, and more). A myriad of remote sensing devices, such as wearables, environmental sensors, implantables, and CareTabs™ work together to measure and report vital biometric indicators that are critical to assessing health and wellness. While implementing these solutions, WytCote approaches each client with a holistic view of their goals, processes, and existing technology. Gomez takes pride in the fact his company has been able to successfully build solutions customized for each client’s specific needs.

Although Gomez’s passion for technology has been a key driver of WytCote’s success, the CEO is quick to admit that he draws inspiration from his team that is equally invested— from both intellectual and emotional standpoints—to keep customers’ best interests at the forefront of what they do. Apart from the expertise of his team, Gomez views the constant quest for developing a sustainable solution as a winning differentiator of the company.

Moving ahead, WytCote is tracking the growth of the areas with a high concentration of senior communities. “WytCote has extensive plans to achieve a nationwide footprint while discovering new areas of healthcare such as IVF and cryogenics application while understanding how our technology deems relevant to these sectors of care,” concludes Gomez.

WytCote Technologies

Irvine, CA

Frank Gomez, Founder and CEO

WytCote approaches each client with a holistic view of their goals, processes and existing technology, thereby building a solution for the entire company

WytCote Technologies