Connecting Marketers to Their Customers On and Offline

John Nardone, CEO & Chairman
Marketers everywhere seek to connect personally with customers and prospects in order to engage in relevant and timely conversations. Though technology enables them to better understand clients and prospects through collecting related data, this alone is not providing them a means to reach the audiences in a meaningful way across all channels and devices. The major pain point for marketers is bringing all the data together from the silos where it is collected, processing it to get a fuller picture of customers and prospects, and using this information to reach their target audience in any addressable channel or device. This represents the vision of [x+1]—arming marketers with data and technology to consistently reach consumers across an infinite mix of channels, screens, and devices.

[x+1] provides a broad range of digital marketing solutions including a Data Management Platform (DMP), tag management, Demand Side Platform (DSP), website optimization, creative decisioning, as well as integrated mobile marketing offerings. The company works with clients to customize programs that address a full range of customer focused goals. “Whether a client is looking to extend a media campaign beyond traditional inventory sources; activate past customers to expand their active customer base; achieve CPA and ROAS goals; improve web visitors’ on-site e-commerce experience; drive in-market (auto) consumers to schedule a test drive, [x+1] builds a solution that specifically addresses those goals,” says John Nardone, CEO and Chairman of [x+1]. “We are particularly proud of how we have refined our self-service interface,” he noted.

[x+1]’s Predictive Optimization Engine, POE, is a key differentiator for the company. POE ingests 1st, 3rd, and CRM data to inform decisions across media and site engagements. Primed with thousands of attributes, POE’s tailored decisions not only optimize media and site, but can also create custom built audience models based on a desired conversion event to find more customers that look like a brand’s best performing segments before the campaign even starts.
[x+1]’s success growing the customer base for a major lawn services brand provides an excellent example of the company’s ability to tailor solutions for a marketer’s specific need. In this case, [x+1] designed a program to reach customers online who had thus far only been identified offline by the lawn service provider. The 14 week data-driven strategy drove more than 10,000 prospects to the lawn service’s online sign up form and over 3,000 of them became new customers. The positive results demonstrate how effective audience syndication and targeting through the use of data management solutions can benefit an organization’s marketing strategy.

[x+1] is currently in an exciting phase of expansion, which Nardone notes is driven by client needs. “We are ramping up for growth on a global scale to meet the needs of our clients to expand their global footprint,” he said. “Our mobile business continues to scale rapidly. We now offer the most robust set of mobile media tools in the industry, which allows brands and agencies to integrate mobile into all their campaigns. Our new product, Origin KeyChain, is a game-changer for marketers who want to seamlessly connect with their customers and prospects both online and off. It provides marketers a singular view of known and anonymous users that is at once privacy compliant and high resolution. In doing so, it delivers on the promise of digital advertising that has remained largely unattainable for marketers.”

Our new product, Origin KeyChain, is a game-changer for marketers who want to seamlessly connect with their customers and prospects both online and off


New York, NY

John Nardone, CEO & Chairman

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