X-ISS: Leveraging HPC to Drive Productivity for Organizations Big and Small

Deepak Khosla, Founder & CEO
Over the past decade, HPC system vendors have successfully introduced more affordable clusters that appeal to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Concurrently, the developers of the applications widely used by businesses at this level have scaled up their software to run on HPC systems. These two factors, more than any others, have brought HPC technology to the missing middle. However, most businesses of this size do not have staff with the experience and skills needed to operate and manage HPC clusters. Houston-headquartered X-ISS’s ManagedHPC is specifically targeted to the SMEs that face the lack of managed expertise to operate and manage HPC clusters. Referred to as the basic care and feeding of the cluster, ManagedHPC helps SMEs outsource the daily management of their systems at peak operating efficiencies.

ManagedHPC eliminates the need for a full-time HPC administration staff through its proactive and secure management and reporting features. Focused on remote management and monitoring, the system facilitates quicker client response through proactive monitoring of their cluster system. Through constant monitoring and reporting on the health of the HPC infrastructure, it maximizes system performance and proactively avoids crises. From assessing the needs for HPC through to cluster replacement, clients can make full use of X-ISS HPC lifecycle services to leverage optimal utility on the tools and applications within the clusters.

To ensure op¬erational efficiency the firm deploys and validates new clusters for clients under Man¬agedHPC. “We go the extra mile in making sure the application successfully submits jobs through the sched¬uler. In addition, we perform benchmark validation tests to squeeze extra power and speed from the cluster and for use in maintaining its maximum efficiency throughout the lifecycle,” says Deepak Khosla, Founder and CEO, X-ISS.

For large commercial organizations with significant HPC investments that are distributed and multi-vendor in nature, the bigger issue is getting global insight into the productivity of these clusters.
X-ISS’s DecisionHPC, a monitoring and analytics software, has been the differentiator here. Built as a SaaS model, DecisionHPC delivers business insights into world-wide cluster usage via a single dashboard enabling managers to run their operations efficiently. The software increases HPC profitability by tracking system operating costs related to users and projects, allowing improved accountability and cost tracking.

Whether it is quicker implementation of new technologies such as Cloud and Hadoop solutions through ProjectHPC, or facilitating cost-effective operations in ManagedHPC, these services provide customers a competitive edge. Staying current on technology, the firm looks to build lasting relationships with its clients and partners. In one such instance, X-ISS helped the University of Wisconsin’s bioengineering department to perform scientific research which required the use of sophisticated software and computer programs. With only a handful of candidates qualified to administer the complex HPC cluster, it was a sticky situation. X-ISS performed the software upgrades and installations to help the University devote their complete focus on research instead of HPC administration. On-site installations, secure remote system monitoring and proactive reporting were some of the major benefits that the University gained through X-ISS’s intervention. “With 20 years of corporate experience and well over 500 deployments, our trained HPC experts stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies,” says Deepak.

Going ahead, the company is gearing up to roll-out CloudHPC service later this year and is looking forward to invest in BigData to provide clients deeper insights into their organizations’ clusters assets.

With 20 years of corporate experience and well over 500 deployments, we are trained HPC experts who stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies



Deepak Khosla, Founder & CEO

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